March 31, 2015

Psychology Study Garners Media Attention

Miriam Liss

Miriam Liss

Holly Schiffrin

Holly Schiffrin

Associate Professors of Psychology Miriam Liss and Holly Schiffrin’s study “Helping or Hovering? The Effects of Helicopter Parenting on College Students’ Well-Being” examines the impact over-controlling parents have on college students.

The study, published in Springer’s Journal of Child and Family Studies, shows that college students who have “helicopter parents” are more likely to be depressed and less satisfied with their lives. This type of parenting negatively affects students’ well-being by infringing on their need to feel both autonomous and competent.

Articles and segments about the study have appeared in national and international outlets, including Reuters, CBS, WTOP, and The Daily Mail (U.K.).

Associate Professor of Psychology Mindy Erchull, Haley Miles-McLean ’13, Katherine A. Geary ’12 and Taryn Tashner ’12 also contributed to the study.

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