August 21, 2017

Universal Design and Accessible Communication Workshop, Aug. 18

Colleagues, this Friday (August 18th) we have two programs that are open to the entire UMW community, including all UMW faculty and staff:

Dr. Reese

Dr. Reese

The first is a workshop on “Implicit Bias in the Academy” by Dr. Benjamin Reese, Vice President for Institutional Equity at Duke University. The program runs from 10 a.m. to noon in Chandler Ball Room C of the University Center.

In preparation for the program, Dr. Reese has requested that all participants take the Implicit Associations Test, and specifically the Race IAT and one other test of your choosing. The link to take a test is here:  scroll down to find the Race IAT.

Dr. Reese has also recommended the following readings:

Implicit Bias Review (pages 1-15)

Yes, You Can Measure White Privilege

Reframing Faculty Criticisms of Activism

Korey Singleton

Korey Singleton

On Friday afternoon, we will be joined by Korey Singleton, manager of the Assistive Technology Initiative at George Mason University, for a workshop on “Universal Design and Accessible Communication” (1:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the Chandler Ballroom).

Both of these programs support our efforts to ensure that equity, access, diversity and inclusion remain at the foundation of our academic mission, fulfilling our public university purpose to serve the educational aspirations of all of those in the UMW community.

-Nina Mikhalevsky



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