October 23, 2017

Ghostwalk Floats Through Fredericksburg

The spirits of Fredericksburg’s past will once again roam the city streets next weekend during the 33rd annual Ghostwalk, sponsored by UMW’s Historic Preservation Club. The 45-minute educational experience begins every 10 minutes at the James Monroe Museum on Charles Street. Tickets are required. UMW student volunteers claim the roles of once-predominant Fredericksburg figures, including […]

Archaeology Lesson Heats Up Jefferson Square

With his materials laid out on a rug, Nate Salzman, an educator and exhibition specialist from Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, led a workshop last week at UMW’s Jefferson Square, using just his hands, dried wood, soft pieces of tree bark and bow-drills. A sand pit made the centerpiece for what was about to be […]

Creamery Executive Shares Slice of Success

Mary Washington alumna Roberta MacDonald ’72, senior vice president of marketing for one of the country’s largest cooperatives, Cabot Creamery, will be back on campus on Thursday, Oct. 19, to speak about leadership. As the College of Business’ most recent Executive-in-Residence, MacDonald’s presentations throughout the day will be themed, “What’s a nice co-op like yours […]

COAR Takes Students ‘Into the Streets’

UMW students huddled around the University Center on a crisp morning last weekend for a common cause – Into the Streets, organized by UMW’s Community Outreach and Resource (COAR) program. Together, 147 volunteers spruced up local parks, helped out at a community fair for Fredericksburg Area HIV/AIDS Support Services, supported Downtown Greens and the SPCA, […]