June 1, 2016

MyTime will be Unavailable During the v8 Upgrade

Important Information – MyTime will be Unavailable During the v8 Upgrade

MyTime will be down and unavailable from 6:30 p.m. on Friday, June 3 until 8 a.m. Monday, June 6.   DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOGIN from either WEB or MOBILE during the downtime.

Visit the MyTime v8 – Time to Prepare site for Before, During and After Implementation guidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.  Please contact the IT Help Desk if you have any questions or concerns.


MyTIme Downtime REMINDER

Dear Employees:

Reminder:  MyTime will be down and unavailable from 6:30 p.m., Friday, June 3, to 8 a.m., Monday, June 6including MyTime mobile to accommodate an upgrade which is Java free.  Please do not attempt to log in during this time.

Downtime information

  • Employees using a timeclock should continue to do so.
    • The punches are held by the clock.
    • Once system validation is complete, the held punches will populate the timecard.
  • Employees (including students) working during the downtime, manually document your work times:
    • If you have edit capability you will update your timecard after MyTime is restored.
    • Those without edit capability will provide the documented work times to your supervisor, who will update your timecard after MyTime is restored

Employee New features

  • Improved navigation
  • Non-exempt employees can now add comments and notes to their punches on their timecard
  • The “more” drop down is replaced with:
    • an approve icon
    • “+” on the timecard for those with edit capability to add a row

MyTime manuals will be updated prior to go-live.  MyTime Open labs will be held in EagleVillage, Suite 480, on the following dates if you would like additional assistance:

June 9 from noon to 2 p.m., June 10 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., June 13 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., June 14 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., June 15 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Please visit MyTime v8 – Time to Prepare for important information and contact the UMW Helpdesk with any issues encountered. We will send out reminder emails as the downtime approaches. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.



Allyson P. Moerman, CPA.CITP, CGFM, CGMA

Associate Vice President for Finance and Controller

University of Mary Washington


540-654-1168 – fax


1301 College Avenue


Fredericksburg, VA  22401

Torre Meringolo Announces Retirement

The following message is from the Office of the President: 

On the heels of the highly successful Mary Washington First campaign, Salvatore “Torre” Meringolo has announced his retirement as Vice President for Advancement and University Relations, effective October 1, 2016. 

Meringolo came to the University of Mary Washington in August of 2009 to lead the University’s fundraising, alumni affairs, and external relations and communication programs. 

During his tenure at UMW, Meringolo has spearheaded the five-year, $50 million Mary Washington First campaign, which exceeded its goal two months ahead of schedule. He also oversaw the reorganization within Alumni Relations, resulting in a series of regional networks across the country. Additionally, he has led the development of the University’s brand identity project, along with initiating marketing and advertising programs. 

Before coming to UMW, Meringolo served as vice president for development at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Under his leadership, the college successfully completed the largest fundraising initiative in its history, the $40 million Heritage Campaign.  

In addition to positions at Iona College, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Meringolo also served as associate dean of the University Libraries at The Pennsylvania State University. While overseeing development of Penn State’s extensive collection and public service programs, he became actively involved in fundraising on behalf of the university libraries.


Important Information – MyTime will be Unavailable During the v8 Upgrade

Important Information – MyTime will be  Unavailable During the v8 Upgrade

MyTime will be down and unavailable from 6:30 p.m. on Friday, June 3, to 8 a.m. Monday, June 6. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOGIN from either WEB or MOBILE during the downtime.

Visit the MyTime v8 – Time to Prepare site for Before, During and After Implementation guidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.  Please contact the IT Help Desk if you have any questions or concerns x2255.


New Overtime Rules

Dear Faculty and Staff

This week the Department of Labor (DOL) released the final rule increasing the salary threshold for federal overtime pay requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) from $23,660 to $47,476. Effective December 1, 2016,  employees making less than $47,746  will be “non-exempt” and paid overtime pay for hours worked beyond 40 in a work week.  Exceptions will apply for employees whose primary responsibility is teaching. Overtime pay is equal to  one and one half times the employee’s hourly rate of pay.

Since learning of the proposed change last summer, we have been assessing its potential impact:

  • HR began reviewing all affected positions and gave a preliminary briefing to the President and Cabinet.
  • The Cabinet began to consider impact on university operations and resources required for the different compliance options: (1) pay overtime, 2) adjust salaries to meet the new threshold, (3) limit overtime hours, or (4) a combination of these three options.

Now that the new salary rule has been issued, HR will work with cabinet vice presidents, supervisors, and managers to conduct final position reviews and determine which compliance options best meet university needs.

Thank you for your patience as we waited for DOL to issue the final rule before officially bringing this to your attention. We understand that you will have questions and will keep you informed as we move forward with implementation. Please look for announcements of information sessions, related policy updates, and MyTime training for newly non-exempt employees and supervisors.  You may confirm your FLSA overtime status by reviewing your EWP in Careers.

Leave Share Donations Needed

A university employee  has requested leave share donations due to the documented illness of a family member.  Your consideration is appreciated.  Classified employees may donate only annual leave in eight (8) hour increments (ex., 8,16,32… hours).  A/P faculty may donate annual and sick leave in increments of days  ( 1,2,3 …days).

To Donate Leave: Please find and fill out the form in your email from Human Resources to authorize our Payroll Office to withdraw leave from your leave balance(s).  In the interest of privacy, names of recipients are not shared.  Leave is given to recipient(s) on an as needed basis per pay period in leave without pay (LWOP) status.

If you have any questions about the leave share program, please contact Denise Frye at dfrye2@umw.edu.


MetLife presents Women and Investing: Planning Your Financial Journey

MetLife Representative will be in Lee Hall, Room 412 on Tuesday, May 24 at 11 a.m. to conduct a workshop on Women and Investing:  Planning Your Financial Journey. You will hear the unique financial challenges many women face, investment basics and building a balanced portfolio, and retirement saving vehicles and what they mean.  You may register at www.metlifeplansmart.com and entering company “University of Mary Washington” or by calling 703-336-1249.

Death of Retired Faculty Member Lewis Fickett

A message from the College of Arts and Sciences:

I am sorry to tell you that Dr. Lewis Fickett, Jr., Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Political Science, died last night after a long illness. Lew joined the faculty in 1963 and taught at Mary Washington College for 38 years prior to his retirement in 1996. He received his A.B. from Bowdoin College, summa cum laude, and L.L.B., M.P.A., and Ph.D. degrees from Harvard. In 1995, Mary Washington bestowed on him the Grellet Simpson Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching.

Lew Fickett had a rich and meaningful career within and beyond academia. A World War II veteran, he served in the foreign service and as a lawyer before arriving at Mary Washington. He was the author of three books and numerous articles related to his scholarly focus on Indian politics, including his 1963 monograph, The Major Socialist Parties of India. Throughout his career he was deeply involved in Virginia politics. He served for eight years as a progressive, Democratic member of the House of Delegates where one of his proudest achievements was seeing to it that public school students have free textbooks. He also promoted worker safety throughout the state. Within the college community he revived a dormant Debate Club which he coached to awards at state and regional tournaments. He also served as chair of Political Science and International Affairs.

As one of his colleagues, Stephen Farnsworth, remarked, “Lew Fickett was an exceptional teacher. There was no better person to mentor many hundreds of students through constitutional law. Many lawyers with Mary Washington undergraduate degrees started building their expertise in his class after he got them excited about the law.”  There is an award, established in his name, for outstanding achievement in international affairs.

Dr. Fickett is survived by his children and his wife of 47 years, Martha, who retired from the UMW Music Department faculty in 2014. Information on funeral services will be forthcoming in the Free Lance-Star.


Richard Finkelstein
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
University of Mary Washington

Staff Discount Available for Monthly Business Seminar Series

Refresh Your MBA Series

The College of Business is offering a series of monthly seminars taught by our faculty and business alumni. A UMW staff rate of $50 per session is being offered for the series (includes 2.75% service fee).

Please don’t let the title of the series fool you – you do NOT have to have an MBA to attend nor do you have to have a UMW MBA to register. If you are interested in a topic, please join us!

Fridays, 8-10 a.m. at Cary Street Partners

Please visit https://quikpayasp.com/umw/commerce_manager/payer.do?orderType=COBrefreshMBA_UMW to register.

Date Course Instructor
6/10 Contract and Commercial Law Refresher: Contract Provisions, Performances and Remedies Kimberly Kinsley
7/8 Business Analytics and Big Data Chris Garcia
8/12 Emerging Platforms and Services Mukesh Srivastava
9/9 Human Resources Revisited Nichole Phillips
10/14 Increasing Marketing’s Impact by Using Social Media Kashef Majid
11/11 Leadership Assessment Bob Greene
12/9 Taking the Mystery out of the Project Management Lingo Cara Parker ’05 MBA







Business Services eUpdate–May 2016

Procurement Services

James100% Buyer Certification

Congratulations to James DeLoatch, who recently completed his Virginia Contracting Officer certification. UMW Procurement Services Buyers are 100% certified as Virginia Contracting Officers, along with additional designations.




Certificate of Coverage

Anika Wilson within the Office of Administration and Finance handles all certificates of coverage. When needed for certain transactions, complete the online form at:  http://adminfinance.umw.edu/risk-management/certificate-of-coverage/.
Contract Activity

Activity underway includes:

  • HCC Data Center Maintenance & Monitoring, under evaluation
  • Banner Financial Aid Consulting
  • Domain Reseller & Hosting
  • International Insurance–awarded
  • Stormwater Maintenance
  • Building Repair & Alteration
  • Masonry Services
  • Architect/Engineering Term Contract, under evaluation
  • Woodard Hall Roof Replacement
  • Drug Testing
  • ESCO Firm Selection

SWaM Roundtable Event

On Wednesday, May 11, UMW hosted a Regional Connect Event for vendors, sponsored by the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity. The event featured buyers from various state agencies along with vendors. This allows buyers to share their expertise in procurement contracts and Micro and SWaM certifications, while giving small businesses the opportunity to highlight their goods and services. The roundtable discussions will foster relationships with local vendors, enabling UMW to continue its goal of providing the best value at the best prices.

Pictured: Left–Tracey Wiley, President of Virginia’s Department of Small Business & Supplier Diversity; Top Right–UMW’s Procurement team, James DeLoatch, Michelle Miller, Erma Baker, Monique SanPietro, and Melva Kishpaugh.

SWaM Roundtable


UMW is a member of VHEPC (Virginia Higher Education Procurement Cooperative). We are one of eleven public higher ed institutions, along with the Virginia Community College System, that work cooperatively to provide purchases efficiently, and at the best value for the institution. Be on the lookout for more news from VHEPC as this program matures.


The mobile modular units located on campus (aka: Annexes A and B) are targeted for surplus sale this summer.




Department Charges

The last day to use Department Charges in the Bookstore for FY16 is May 20, 2016.

Summer Hours

Monday-Thursday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: CLOSED

Monday, May 30: CLOSED

During Reunion Weekend, the store will have extended hours. See website for details.


Congratulations to DJ Garcia, Course Materials Manager, who recently completed the Leadership UMW program (pictured below, right, with his mentor Tim O’Donnell). DJ also recently received an MSMIS degree from UMW.

DJ Leadership




Off-Campus Merchants Are Available All Summer

Our off-campus merchants accept EagleOne throughout the summer.
Please check our website for a current list of our off-campus merchants here:

Vending Issues

Have a vending issue? Report the issue by clicking here to fill out the online form.


Parking Management

Parking Reservations

Anyone in need of a temporary space reservation should use the online form to make requests. The form should be submitted at least five business days prior to the reservation date.


Business Services, supporting UMW success through… high five

Copy Center
Post Office
Procurement Services

Pictured from left to right: Michelle Miller, James DeLoatch, Lauren “Mac” McDonald, and Monqiue SanPietro at UMW’s Guinness World Record High Five attempt.