May 24, 2015

VRS Retirement Planning Seminar, June 3

Financial counseling is available on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 from our Fidelity representative even if you do not have Fidelity.

Additional information about the session and the consultant is available for your review.


UMW Campus Community Parking Notice

The following message is from the Office of Parking Management:

UMW will host the Group Summit 2015 on Friday, May 22 and Saturday, May 23. In support of this event, the following parking lot reservations shall apply: Group Summit 2015 Guest Parking only in the Monroe Faculty/Staff Lot #15.

NOTE:  This does not include handicap parking spaces; if you are eligible, those spaces remain available.

This email is being sent to you in accordance with the UMW Broadcast Email Policy. Please do not respond directly to this message with comments or questions.


Deadline for 2015 Health Care and Flexible Spending Open Enrollment

If additional assistance is needed, please contact your Benefits Team: Denise Frye at or 654-1210 or Jennifer Cooper at or 654-1046.

Tomorrow , Friday, May 22, is the DEADLINE to make your open enrollment request for Health Care and Flexible Spending Accounts:

  • to enroll or change health plans,
  • add optional buy up options,
  • waive state health coverage,
  • add or remove family members,
  • enroll in a Flexible Spending account – Annual enrollment is required

If you take no action your current health plan will continue for the July 1 plan year.   However, you must re-enroll for a flexible spending account for July 1, 2015 plan year.

As a reminder, you have until June 30 to completed  your requirements for premium reward to be effective July 1, 2015.


Two Options to Make Changes and/or Enroll:

EmployeeDirect has been enhanced and updated. EmployeeDirect changes are accepted until 11:59 pm on Friday, May 22, 2015.

Paper Enrollment Form –  (Section 3 – Flexible Spending Accounts and Section 4 Health Care Coverage).  Enrollment forms must be forwarded and received in Office of Human Resources on or before 5 pm on Friday, May 22, 2015 to be effective July 1, 2015.


Hurricane Season Preparation

Virginians Urged to Prepare for Hurricane Season

The following information has been issued by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management:

Virginia’s Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday May 25-31 will provide Virginians with an opportunity to buy emergency equipment and supplies tax-free. All Virginia retailers participate in the holiday. Among the items that are exempt from sales tax are batteries including cell phone batteries, flashlights and lanterns, bottled water of all types and sizes, first aid kits, coolers, NOAA Weather Radios, portable generators and many other useful items. For more on the sales tax holiday, including a list of tax-exempt items, visit

How to Prepare
Among the most important actions people can take toward disaster preparedness are:

  • Download the free Ready Virginia app for iPhone® and Android™. Features:
    • Weather warnings issued for your location by the National Weather Service
    • A customizable emergency plan that can be easily shared with family and friends
    • A checklist for gathering emergency supplies
    • “I’m Safe!” feature that allows you to quickly send a text message to let family and friends know you are safe
    •  Interactive map that allows you to find the maximum storm surge risk at your current location or an address entered in the search bar
  • Create a family emergency communications plan.
    • Decide how and where everyone will meet up with each other if separated
    • Choose an out-of-town emergency contact for your family and give that person’s phone number to each family member
    • Make a sheet of emergency contacts and post it in visible places in your home and workplace. Don’t rely on your smart phone or online contact lists.
    • Get a free emergency plan worksheet at or or use the new Ready Virginia app.
  • Sign up for text alerts/weather warnings that may be offered by your locality.
  • Talk to an insurance agent about flood insurance.
    • Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover flooding; renters and business owners also can get flood insurance.
    • Just one inch of water in a mid-size home or office can mean $20,000 in repairs.
    • Go to or call 1-800-427-2419 for more information.
    • Typically, there’s a 30-day waiting period from the date of purchase before your policy goes into effect.

People with disabilities or access and functional needs may need to take additional steps. Plan how to handle power outages and/or being asked to evacuate. See

The governor’s proclamation of May 24-30 as Hurricane and Flooding Preparedness Week coincides with National Hurricane Preparedness Week, sponsored by the National Weather Service.

Year End Cut Off for Bookstore FOAP charges and Sale Opportunity

Friday May 22, 2015 is the last day to charge departmental FOAPs and ensure charges are posted to FY15.

The store is pleased to offer 20% off select (as attached) office supplies through May 22, 2015.  A few items include:

– Staples

– UMW Notecards

– UMW Portfolios

–  Paper clips

And more.

Happy Year End!



Kathy Sandor

Retail Operations Manager, University Bookstore

University of Mary Washington



Correction: 2015 Salary Increases

From the Offices of Human Resources and Payroll


To:                   UMW Faculty and Staff


From:               The Offices of Human Resources and Payroll


Subject:           2015 Salary Increases


Date:               May 14, 2015


The Governor and General Assembly have approved pay increases for salaried employees, as described below, effective August 10, 2015. In addition, President Hurley has approved an increase for eligible wage employees.


Classified Employees


  • All classified employees in salaried positions as of May 10, 2015 and remaining employed on August 10, 2015 will receive a 2% salary increase, provided they have received a rating of  at least Contributor on their last performance evaluation.


  • The amount of the  increase will be prorated for part-time and quasi-full-time salaried employees who are working less than twelve months per year or less than 100% full time (40 hours per week or equivalent) on August 10, 2015.


  • Salaried employees in high turnover roles, as determined by the state, will receive an additional 2% base increase. Please see # 6 in the FAQ’s for a listing of those roles.  Employees receiving this additional increase will be contacted directly by the Office of Human Resources in late July, after confirmation of state personnel records.


Salary Compression Adjustment


  • Classified employees who have completed five years of continuous state service as of August 10, 2015 (have state begin dates of August 10, 2010 or earlier) will also receive a compression adjustment of $65 for each full year of service, up to a maximum of thirty years, provided that they meet the performance criteria as described above. The compression adjustment will be added to employees’ salaries after the 2% increase is applied.


  • Salary increases will be paid on September 1, 2015.


Teaching Faculty


  • All continuing, non-visiting, full-time teaching faculty will receive an increase in the flat dollar amount of $2000. Teaching faculty are not included in the state’s salary compression adjustment.


  • Salary increases will be paid on September 1, 2015.


Administrative and Professional (A/P) Faculty


  • All  A/P faculty hired on or before May 10, 2015 and remaining employed on August 10,  2015 will receive an increase in the flat dollar amount of $1700, provided they meet the requirement of satisfactory performance on their last performance evaluation. The amount of the increase will be prorated for part-time employees. A/P faculty are not included in the state’s salary compression adjustment.


  • Salary increases will be paid on September 1, 2015.


Wage Employees


  • Wage employees hired on or before May 10, 2015 and remaining employed on August 10, 2015 will receive a 2% increase effective pay period August 10 thru 23, 2015.


  • Hourly increases will be paid on September 4, 2015.


Deferred Compensation


  • Part or all of the salary increase may be deferred, subject to relevant plan guidelines and limitations.


  • The enrollment or change in contribution amount must be elected by August 31, 2015, to be effective on the first available pay period following the salary increase, which would be September 16, 2015.


You may contact Paula Wilder,  in the Office of Human Resources with questions about salary increase eligibility.  Please also see the FAQ’s  for more detailed information.











Need Office Furniture? Let Dale Help!

Dale Elethorp of Procurement Services will be making a trip to the Federal Surplus Warehouse in Springfield on Tuesday, May 26. If you need any slightly used furniture at rock bottom prices, please contact Dale by email at by Wednesday, May 20 to save your seat!

For those who have previously committed to this trip, please e-mail Dale for confirmation and departure time. Thank you.

Virginia Public Service Week 2015

The following activities are for you to take some time to celebrate each other and  ALL that YOU DO!!!

Please visit the EagleEye this week for the winners of the Charles Coleman Memorial Award  and Richard V. and Rosemary A. Hurley Presidential Commendation. Daily Prize winners will also be announced.


Monday, May 11      


UMW closed.


Tuesday: May 12

Daily Gift Card Drawings 


Wednesday, May 13

Daily Gift Card Drawings

Fredericksburg Campus: BOARD GAMES

Bring your favorite board games to work, and play your co-workers over lunch. The following locations have been reserved from 11am – 1pm for your convenience:

  1.  ITCC 2nd floor open area
  2. Lee Hall 2nd floor
  3. GW basement conference room (B06) 


Thursday, May 14

Daily Gift Card Drawings 

Stafford Campus: BOARD GAMES

Bring your favorite board games to work, and play your co-workers over lunch in the South Conference Room from 11am – 1pm

A Staff Advisory Council sponsored event: CORN-HOLE & HAPPY HOUR 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Please come out and join us at The Underground on Thursday May 14th from 4pm to 6 pm.  There will be snacks provided plus a cash bar with beer, wine, soda and water.  Also, we will have corn hole set up near the patio outside the Underground, the weather promises to be favorable and there will be soothing music in the background.

Come on out and reminisce about another successful year at UMW and mingle, relax and have fun!


Friday, May 15

Daily Gift Card Drawings 

Department Potluck

Employees are encouraged to coordinate pot luck luncheons within their department, area, or building.  Take some time to visit with your colleagues, relax, and enjoy a Friday afternoon of food and good company. 


Throughout the Week


Back by popular demand…take advantage of the appreciation blog to let your fellow co-workers know how much you appreciate them during VPSW.  The blog will go live on the 12th and can be accessed at the following address:  You can also drop off your “thank you” at the Fairfax House and a Human Resources staff member will post them.


Each day of the week, a lucky employee will be the winner of a $100 Macys gift card during VPSW.  A random drawing will take place and then the winner will be notified by email.  Winners for the week will also be posted in the Eagle Eye next week.



Non-Exempt Employee Work Hours Training

Dear Supervisors and Non-exempt Employees,

The implementation of MyTime has raised many questions about what it means to be or supervise a non-exempt employee at UMW. To begin to address these questions we are offering this  20 minute course, Overtime Compensation Requirements,  to help you  understand the federal FLSA (Fair Standard Labors Act) and state policy requirements for compensating and managing hours of work for non- exempt employees. All Supervisors, including those who supervise student employees,  are required to complete this course by June 30.    Non –supervisory employees are strongly encouraged to participate.  Instructions to access the course in UMW Global are provided are attached and also embedded below.

At different times within the presentation you will be directed to UMW for its specific application of federal law and state policy. Please note the following:

  • The UMW standard workweek is 12:01 a.m. Monday through midnight on Sunday.
  • UMW  currently uses only OT pay to compensate non-exempt employees for hours worked beyond  40 in a work week.  The use of OT leave in lieu of OT pay is under review.
  • UMW counts hours worked to the nearest quarter of an hour ( 15 minutes).
  • AT UMW overtime pay or straight time compensatory leave is authorized only for exceptional requirements of an emergency or temporary nature. The earning of either to satisfy routine agency or departmental requirements is prohibited. While this policy provides management with the prerogative of determining when and how much overtime pay or compensatory leave can be earned, supervisors are responsible for controlling the work hours of all employees.
  • UMW permits paid 15 minutes break twice a day.

The University is required to comply with all laws governing the pay of non-exempt employees for hours worked. Supervisors may contact Paula  Wilder or Sabrina Johnson with questions about FLSA requirements.  Employees are encouraged to contact Terri Lockhart, Employee Relations, at or ext2051, with any concerns about university compliance.

Classified positions in Bands 3 and 4 will be reviewed for exempt/non –exempt  FLSA status beginning in August in conjunction with the opening of the Classified Employee Performance Management cycle for 2015-16.

If you still require Supervisor or New User MyTime training, MyTime training classes are offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 10am to 12pm or Tuesdays and Thursdays between 3 and 5pm. Registration is required, please contact    

Instructions to access FLSA Course:


Course: MVP HR Policy & Law – Fair Labor Standards ActOnly the Overtime Compensation Requirements module must be completed.
Access: For your convenience, you may access the content online in UMW Global.
Deadline: June 30, 2015
Time Requirement: 20 minutesNote:  The course’s home page states that it will take 1.5 hours to complete the course.  You are completing only one module and its assessment; this should take you approximately 20 minutes.
Required for: All Supervisors:  RequiredNon-Exempt Employees:  Strongly encouragedAll other Classified, Wage, A/P Faculty:  Encouraged
Notifications: The course will appear on your transcript; it will show that it has been Started.


 To access UMW Global:

Both the https and /umw are important.

  • This course seems to work best in Internet Explorer.
    • Make sure that the site is a trusted site.
    • Allow pop-ups:  Tools > Pop-Up Blocker > Pop-Up Blocker Settings > Add in the box if it is not already there.
    • Use the Compatibility View:  Tools > Compatibility View
  • Log in, using your UMW Global credentials.

The credentials that you use may not be the same as the credentials used for email, etc.

If you encounter difficulty logging in to UMW Global, please contact Pam Lowery (


  • This course has sound; you will want to make sure that your speakers or headphones are working.
  • The course does not transition from one slide to the next automatically.  Once you finish your review of a slide, you must click to the next slide.
  • Each slide must be completed before another slide is selected.
  • There are 3 modules, and 3 assessments.  You must complete only the Overtime Compensation Requirements module.




To access MVP HR Policy & Law – Fair Labor Standards Act:

  • Once you have logged in to UMW Global, see the Search box that is on the right side of the screen above the dark blue line.
  • Enter FLSA.
  • Hit Enter or click the magnifying glass.
  • Select MVP HR Policy & Law – Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • Click Access Item.
  • Click Overtime Compensation Requirements.
  • You may want to maximize the window so that the content is easier to view.
  • Proceed through the content. See the notes above.
  • Once you have reviewed all of the content, and are ready to complete the assessment:
  • Click Exit > Exit Now.

To complete the Overtime Compensation Requirements Assessment:

  • Select Overtime Compensation Requirements Assessment from the left menu.
  • The test will appear after a few seconds.
  • Click Submit once you have answered all of the test questions.
  • You will be shown your score and details about your responses.  If you do not pass the assessment you may review the content and take the assessment again.



Board of Visitors Announces Presidential Search Advisory Committee

The following message is from the Office of Media and Public Relations:

Rector Holly Cuellar announced at the May 8 meeting of the Board of Visitors the formation of the presidential search advisory committee for selection of the 10th president of the University of Mary Washington. “Appointment of a president is the most important duty of the Board of Visitors.” Cuellar said. “And we take our role very seriously.” The selection committee will do initial screening, vetting, and interviewing of candidates, then recommending to the full Board a select group of finalists. The composition of the committee is as follows:

2015-2016 Presidential Search Advisory Committee


Holly T. Cuellar ’89                           Rector, Board of Visitors



Tara C. Corrigall ’82                          Board of Visitors


Theresa Y. Crawley ’77                   Board of Visitors & UMW Foundation Board


Rita F. Dunston                                 University Registrar


Christopher J. Garcia                      Assistant Professor of Quantitative Business Methods


Joseph W. Grzeika ‘83                    Board of Visitors


Mark S. Ingrao ’81                            Board of Visitors


Sabrina C. Johnson                          Associate Vice President for Human Resources & AAEEO Officer


Kenneth J. Lopez ’92                      Board of Visitors


Venitta C. McCall                              Professor of Education & Dorsey Scholars Program Mentor


Kathleen S. Mehfoud ’70              Chairman, UMW Foundation Board


Timothy M. O’Donnell                   Professor of Communication & Associate Provost for Student

                                                                  Success and Engagement


Anand Rao                                     Associate Professor of Communication & Speaking Center and

                                                                  Speaking Intensive Program Director


Fred Rankin                                        Board of Visitors


Kelli M. Slunt ‘91                               Professor of Chemistry & Director of the Honors Program


Jay Sinha ’07                                       UMW Alumnus


Hannah P. Tibbett, ’16                   2015-2016 Student Government Association President


Kenneth D. Tyler                              Director of Athletics


Martin A. Wilder, Jr.                        Chief of Staff