October 9, 2015

Title IX for Employees

Title IX for Employees

Revisions to the Sexual Misconduct Policy and Upcoming Training

The University of Mary Washington (UMW) is committed to providing a safe and non-discriminatory learning, living and working environment for all members of the University community. UMW does not discriminate on the basis of sex or gender in any of its education or employment programs and activities. To that end, our Sexual Misconduct Policy prohibits specific forms of behavior that may violate Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (“Title IX”); relevant provisions of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 (“VAWA”); Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“Title VII”); the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (“Clery Act”); and the Virginia Human Rights Act.

UMW prohibits Sexual Assault, Sexual Exploitation, Intimate Partner Violence, Stalking, Sexual or Gender-Based Harassment, and Retaliation against a person for the good faith reporting of any of these forms of conduct or participation in any investigation or proceeding under the policy (collectively, “Prohibited Conduct”). These forms of Prohibited Conduct are unlawful, undermine the character and purpose of the University, and will not be tolerated

One of the many outcomes of the President appointed UMW Sexual Misconduct Task Force was the revision of our Sexual Misconduct Policy. The revised policy was effective on September 18, 2015 and can be found on Board Docs. Please take a few minutes to review this very important policy. (http://www.boarddocs.com/va/umw/Board.nsf/goto?open&id=93QKQ352EB3D).

In addition, it is important that every employee (except for the Talley Center Staff, the Health Center Staff and designated Title IX Advocates) understands you are a “responsible employee”. This means you are required to report to the Title IX Coordinator all relevant details (obtained directly or indirectly) about an incident of Prohibited Conduct, as defined by policy, that involves any student as a complainant, respondent, or witness, including dates, times, locations and names of parties and witnesses.

Within the next few weeks Human Resources will launch a comprehensive online training course regarding sexual misconduct. This training will be required for all employees and will outline your rights as an employee, your responsibilities and your resources in regards to Sexual Misconduct. The training takes approximately 2 hours; however, it can be taken in segments based on your time allowed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Terri Arthur at 540-654-2015 or tlockhar@umw.edu

myUMW Training Offered for Faculty and Staff

Need or want training on UMW’s new system, myUMW? You’re in luck! Two trainings have been scheduled for Faculty and Staff! Join us to get a general overview of the system and ask any questions you have!

Place: University Center, Colonnade Room (3rd floor)
Monday, Oct. 19 at 10 a.m.
Tuesday, Oct. 20 at 9:30 a.m.

If those times don’t work, feel free to attend one of the student leader trainings listed below:
Monday, Oct. 19: 12 p.m., 1:30 p.m. and 3 p.m.
Tuesday, Oct. 20: 2 p.m., 3:30 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Reminder: Planned Water Outage, Oct. 10

The following message is from the Office of Facilities Services:

A water service outage is planned for Saturday, Oct. 10, at 8 a.m. The outage is expected to last approximately six (6) hours.

The following buildings will be without water service during this time: Willard Hall, Virginia Hall, Monroe Hall, Lee Hall, Trinkle Hall, the new Campus Center (domestic water only), Ball Hall, Custis Hall, and Madison Hall. This will affect all domestic water, including toilets and showers. Residential students in the above named residence halls may use restrooms in the Convergence Center or Randolph-Mason Link.

This water outage is necessary in order to repair a water line. For questions, please contact Sidney Lambiotte, capital outlay project manager at slambiot@umw.edu or 540-654-2085.


The BREAK-A-LEG award goes to Susan Worrell, Vicky Wilder and Doug Noble and his merry band of Dodd staff and students for their work planning and directing the third Dancing with the Fredericksburg Stars event! Last Saturday night’s performance and reception were outstanding in all respects. In case not everyone knows, the proceeds of these performances are funding UMW Theatre and Arts scholarships for students. On behalf of the UMW community, we thank you for your time, effort, skill and enthusiasm.

Richard R. Pearce
Vice President for Administration and Finance

Textbook Adoptions

FREDERICKSBURG CAMPUS: Textbook adoptions are due Oct. 8, 2015.
For more information: http://bookstore.umw.edu/site_faculty.asp
For information on Course Packs click here: http://bookstore.umw.edu/site_coursepacks.asp

Departments with 100 percent on-time adoptions are eligible to win up to $2,500 in Pepsi Scholarship funds for students’ course materials.

Please contact the textbook department if you have questions or need assistance at textbooks@umw.edu, or email our Textbook Department staff directly:

DJ Garcia: dgarcia@umw.edu or 540-654-1649
Francis SanPietro: fsanpiet@umw.edu or 540-654-1653

Course materials for classes being taught on the Stafford Campus are facilitated through MBS Direct. These orders are due by Nov. 16, 2015. There are three points of contact to assist with submitting your Stafford campus orders:

College of Business: Lucy Quann, lquann@umw.edu or 540/654-1019
College of Education: Anna Perdue, aperdue2@umw.edu or 540/654-1034
Terri Luttrell, tluttrel@umw.edu or 540/286-8097
Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Missy Hall, mhall7@umw.edu or at 540/286-8084


Kathy Sandor
Retail Operations Manager, University Bookstore

Safety at UMW

This following message is from the Office of Student Affairs:

Today, we at the University of Mary Washington mourn the victims of yesterday’s mass shooting at Umpqua Community College. Our hearts go out to those affected by the tragedy, including the victims’ families and the UCC and Roseburg, Oregon, communities.

As we seek to understand such enormous violence, let all of us at UMW redouble our efforts to keep our campuses as safe as possible.

Please know that we remain vigilant and regularly prepare for all manner of emergencies. Our campus police officers coordinate with local police agencies and State Police, and our faculty and staff have procedures in place for reviewing and responding to possible threats, whether natural or man made.

If an emergency incident occurs here, the UMW emergency alert network is activated. A unified message defining the emergency and providing instructions will appear on all UMW networked computers and Eaglevision screens. Also, if you have signed up for our alert notifications, you will receive an email and a text message. If you have not yet developed a UMW Alerts profile, you will receive an email later today with instructions for doing so.

As you have heard, the University now offers an added safety feature in the form of a mobile app known as RAVE Guardian. The safety app can be downloaded to smartphones free of charge by anyone in the UMW network. Once activated, the app provides the user one-touch connection to UMW Police or 911, displays the user’s GPS location, and enables a text or digital image to be sent. Tips are welcomed. The user also can set a safety timer to share with a selected group of friends or family members within his or her virtual safety network. The timer will alert friends, family, or emergency officials if the clock expires before the student has reached his or her destination.

We encourage all UMW students and employees to report any observations of suspicious behaviors or actions. Notify University Police by dialing 4444 or 7777 from any campus phone; or 540-654-4444 from any non-campus phone, including cell phones.

Please join me in not only keeping Umpqua Community College in our hearts and minds, but also keeping each other as safe as possible.


Juliette Landphair

Vice President for Student Affairs

Updated Travel and Business Meal Information

The following message is from the Office of Administration and Finance:

Dear Colleagues,

The University has been notified by the Virginia Department of Accounts of changes in State travel regulations that will impact all of us. I appreciate your patience as we incorporate these mandatory revisions into our travel reimbursement procedures:

Effective for travel dates October 1, 2015 and after, the Commonwealth/University will use the rates found on the GSA federal government website. This site is for RATES ONLY and all Commonwealth/University travel regulations and procedures still apply. Per diem and lodging rates are determined based upon the zip code of the lodging facility (i.e., hotel, motel). Details and instructions are found at http://adminfinance.umw.edu/ap/travel/per-diem-and-lodging-rates/.

Effective October 1, 2015, changes in per diem are as follows:

  • The meals per diem for travel days (defined as the day you leave from your office base area and the day you return to your office base area) is paid at 75%, and here is the change: rounding up is no longer allowed.
  • The incidentals portion of the per diem is also paid at 75% on travel days.

As you’ll see from looking at the lodging and per diem rates on the above referenced website, for Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania, and Dahlgren the lodging rate is $89 per day, and the meals and incidentals per diem is $51. The Business Meal Form has been updated with the new business meal rates for these areas, as well as, the Washington, DC area. Details regarding business meals are found at http://adminfinance.umw.edu/ap/business-meals/.

As a reminder, travel reimbursements must be submitted for reimbursement within 30 days of the last date of official business travel. Reimbursement requests submitted after 90 days must be taxed in accordance with IRS regulations.

Please contact Laura Temple (ltemple@umw.edu) or Leigh Penn (lpenn@umw.edu) with any questions.

Red Cross Tips for Storm Preparedness

The following message is from the UMW Office of Emergency Management and Safety:

To UMW faculty and staff,

In advance of this weekend’s predicted stormy weather and possible flooding, we are reaching out separately to you. We strongly encourage preparedness efforts for your own homes and families.

Everyone should have a preparedness kit for the family. The link below provides a list of essentials in the event you must evacuate or shelter in place. The items are things you likely already have at home but may not have assembled in one place for easy access. Do that now!

Also, as indicated in the Red Cross recommendations, make a communication plan with your family and friends. In the event you have to leave your home or become separated during an event, this plan will ensure your loved ones can contact you.  Advance planning will diminish stress during an emergency situation.


Notification about Pending Storm

The following message is from the UMW Office of Emergency Management and Safety:

To All UMW Faculty, Staff, and Students:

We have been receiving questions about the potential impact of Hurricane Joaquin to the Fredericksburg area and specifically UMW. The UMW Emergency Operations Team has been alerted and is on stand-by to provide support if storm conditions impact the UMW campuses.

At this time, we are recommending that concerned individuals continue to monitor their email and the UMW website for more information. Currently, there are no watches or warnings that would warrant a closure or cancellation of University activities. Decisions about classes and activities will be made as the course of the storm is more clearly defined.

All individuals can benefit from preparing for the storm. Please review the following information and plan accordingly:

** Think about a light source if power goes out.  If you have a flashlight, check the batteries. DO NOT USE CANDLES in University buildings. Residential building staff will have flashlights and all buildings are equipped with emergency lighting; however, it will be helpful if you have a light source that isn’t your cell phone.

** Do you have medication that requires refrigeration? If so, borrow/buy a cooler or insulated bag and have some ice in the nearest refrigerator to add if power is lost.

** Fully charge cell phones, laptops, handheld games, iPods, etc. prior to the storm.

** It is possible that cell service will go down during the storm. Please make contact with your family and friends prior to the storm, let them know you are okay and what you are doing to stay safe. Let them know that it is possible you will lose cell service.

** Pick up some snacks that do not need heating or electricity to prepare. There is always a chance that we will experience intermittent power outages during the storm. Bottled water is also a good idea.

** Do you have board games? Cards? A book light? The residence hall staff will also be conducting activities to keep people occupied in the event of a power outage. Check with your RA for more information should a power outage occur.

** If you are an off-campus student who needs on-campus shelter, please contact the Residence Life and Commuter Student Services Office at 540-654-1058 during business hours or University Police at 540-654-1025 during all other times.

UMW Weather information is available at http://umwva.alerteagle.com/. University closing and delay information can be found on the UMW website at umw.edu or by calling the Information Hotline at 540-654-2424.

UMW’s Annual Security Report

The following message is from UMW Police:

The University of Mary Washington’s Annual Security Report has been published for 2015. This report includes statistics for the previous three years concerning crimes that occurred on campus; in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by the University of Mary Washington; and on public property within or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus.

Also included is information that addresses the school’s policies, procedures and programs concerning safety and security.  For example, policies for responding to emergency situations and sexual offenses or sexual misconduct are included.

You may obtain a copy of this report by contacting the UMW Police Department at 540-654-1025 or by accessing the following website:  http://www.umw.edu/police/.