July 30, 2014

Al-Tikriti Presents Research in St. Petersburg, Russia

Al-Tikriti delivers research on John Elphinstone <br> and the Battle of Çeşme.

Al-Tikriti delivers research on John Elphinstone and the Battle of Çeşme.

On July 25, Associate Professor of history and American studies Nabil Al-Tikriti presented a paper entitled “John Elphinstone and the Battle of Çeşme” to the Second International Congress of Maritime Studies, which took place on July 23-25 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Congress, which featured international scholars presenting some 115 papers primarily relevant to Russian Maritime History, was hosted by the Lichnost Peterburga Historical and Cultural Center. Co-organizers included Piri Reis Üniversitesi and the International Association of Maritime Studies (IAMS). Invited by the IAMS conference organizers for the third time in as many years, Al-Tikriti described the overall Mediterranean campaign undertaken by the Russian fleet as part of the 1768-1774 Russo-Ottoman war, the legacies of that war, the role played by the Scottish captain John Elphinstone and other major players, and the materials held in the Elphinstone papers collection at Princeton University. Organizers plan to complete an edited volume of conference presentations in the months to come.

In the course of his trip, Al-Tikriti also visited Helsinki and Istanbul, where he discussed potential international study opportunities with certain Turkish academics. In addition, he visited the Russia Academy of Science’s Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, where he researched an Ottoman divan poetry collection relevant to his research agenda on early modern Ottoman intellectual history. To prepare for this presentation, Al-Tikriti also conducted two days of research at Princeton’s Rare Books Collection in June 2014.

Here is Al-Tikriti’s paper abstract for the Congress:

Prof. Nabil Al-Tikriti

Al-Tikriti in front of the RAS Institute of Oriental Manuscripts.

“In July 1770, the Russian Baltic Sea fleet defeated an Ottoman fleet in the Aegean Sea between the coast of Çeşme and the island of Chios. The Russian side was supported by Greek fighters who might be classified as proto-nationalist leaders, and was partially commanded by an English mercenary named John Elphinstone. The Ottoman side was commanded by an eccentric Georgian admiral named Cezayırlı Hasan Paşa who won a modicum of fame for his love of domesticated lions.

This battle took place as part of the 1768-1774 Russo-Ottoman war, a decisive Russian victory which transferred parts of the Northern Caucasus, Crimea, and Southern Ukraine from Ottoman to Romanov control. The war ended with the 1774 Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca, which scholars have long considered a turning point in Ottoman diplomatic history, largely because the two signatory empires traded protector status, with the Russians claiming that status over Ottoman Orthodox Christians and the Ottomans claiming the same status over Russia’s Muslim populations.

In my presentation, I intend to examine the role that John Elphinstone played in these events by summarizing and analyzing his memoirs. His papers, which are held within Princeton University’s rare books collection, should provide great insight into the diplomatic, military, and political intrigues surrounding the war in general, and the Battle of Çeşme in particular. More broadly, I intend to explore some of the larger legacies of this war on Russian-Ottoman relations, the progressive expansion of Russian sovereignty southwards in the 18th-19th centuries, and the contemporary relevance of these events to the international relations of Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region.”

This trip was made possible with the support of the conference organizers, a CAS supplemental grant and a CAS faculty development (research) grant. However, due to CAS budget limitations, these presentations, discussions, and research visits were also partially self-financed.

Harris and Kearney Co-Author Article for White House History Journal

Photo by Bruce White for the White House Historical Association.

Photo by Bruce White for the White House Historical Association.

James Monroe Museum Director Scott Harris and Curator Jarod Kearney are the authors of “’Articles of the Best Kind:’ James Monroe Furnishes the Rebuilt White House,” in the current issue of White House History, the journal of the White House Historical Association (http://shop.whitehousehistory.org/journals/after-the-fire-issue-35).  Featuring illustrations of artifacts in the museum’s collection that were used in the White House, the article describes Monroe’s efforts to obtain suitable furnishings for the President’s home as part of the building’s restoration after the War of 1812.  The style standard set by Monroe greatly influenced later renovations of the White House undertaken in the administrations of Theodore Roosevelt, John Kennedy, and Bill Clinton. Copies of the White House History magazine are available for sale in the James Monroe Museum Store.

Doug Gately Performs with Glee’s TV Star, Matthew Morrison

Doug Gately, senior lecturer in music, recently performed with the National Symphony Orchestra featuring vocalists Matthew Morrison and Tony Award winning Laura Benanti.  Morrison performs on Broadway and is the star of the hit television show, Glee. The NSO concert, conducted by Steven Reineke, was held at Wolf Trap.

Scott Jones Hired as Dahlgren Campus Director

Scott Jones

Scott Jones
Campus Director
UMW Dahlgren Campus Center for Education and Research

Please welcome Scott Jones, Campus Director of the UMW Dahlgren Campus Center for Education and Research. Scott joined the university’s staff last week after a highly successful 30-year career in the defense industry, 28 of which were with BAE Systems’ Dahlgren site. Most recently, he managed a major program for the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division and BAE Systems, developing and operating multiple mobile criminal forensics laboratories in Iraq and Afghanistan with responsibility for more than 300 scientists, technicians and support staff. He brings well-established relationships with the region’s military and civilian communities, a respected history of successful leadership and accomplishment, and the energy that will enhance the Dahlgren Campus’ multi-faceted contributions to the Navy, King George County and the university.

Scott is a 1984 Mary Washington graduate, son of Jane Johnson Jones ‘55 and married 30 years next month to Mary Chidester Jones ‘81.  Scott and Mary have raised their family in King George where Mary is a King George Elementary School teacher, their son Luke is a rising senior at JMU, and their daughter Jesse is a rising senior at KGHS. He also has contributed his time and talents serving on the Executive Committee for the King George Relay for Life, and leading Relay fundraisers such as the Relay Bridge Ride, a motorcycle tour through the local countryside mapped to cross as many bridges as possible, with pledged donations for each bridge. The 2013 Relay Bridge Ride tallied 74 bridges in 5 hours, and raised over $8,000 for Relay.

Scott’s relationships, perspective and experience will contribute to his success and the continued accomplishments of the Dahlgren Campus. Please welcome him as he meets and gets to know so many of you that will work with and support his efforts. You can contact Scott at extension 4031 or sjones24@umw.edu, and of course, you’re always welcome to visit him at the UMW Dahlgren Campus.

Davidson Publishes in Cahiers de la Méditerranée

The Cahiers de la Méditerranée, the peer-reviewed journal of the Université de Nice,  recently published “Italy, British resolve and the 1935-36 Italo-Ethiopian War” by Jason W. Davidson, associate professor of Political Science and International Affairs.

Communication Journal Honors UMW Political Science Professor

Chad Murphy, assistant professor of Political Science at the University of Mary Washington, was recently announced as the recipient of article of the year for 2014 by Communication Methods and Measures journal.

Second from left is Chad Murphy, assistant professor of Political Science.

Chad Murphy (second from left), assistant professor of Political Science, was announced as the recipient of article of the year for 2014 by Communication Methods and Measures journal.

Murphy, along with Associate Professor of Psychology Chris Westbury at the University of Alberta, published “Expanding the scope of selective exposure: An objective approach to measurement of media ideology” in August 2013.

“The paper does an excellent job describing the methodological limitations of current approaches to selective exposure (i.e., blunt coding, assumption of neutrality, artificial unidimensionality),” said members of the committee who selected the winners. “Further, the cognitive psychology focus on word co-occurrence is interesting and innovative to selective exposure research.”

The winning paper was selected in a two-step process. Editors of the Communication Methods and Measures journal narrowed down the list of articles before members of an executive board serving on a special committee identified the winners.

Murphy and Westbury will be awarded during an annual conference in Montreal, Canada.

Richardson Addresses Southern Business Administration Association

Lynne Richardson, dean of the College of Business, gave a plenary address at the Southern Business Administration Association summer meeting on July 14 in Clearwater, Florida. Her invited talk was “Checking our Own Development with Lessons from the Aspiring Deans Seminar.”

Hydorn to Serve as Leadership Mentor

Debra Hydorn, Professor of Mathematics, was selected to serve as a leadership mentor at the AAC&U/Project Kaleidoscope Summer Leadership Institute. As a mentor she will help participating science faculty develop their leadership plans for projects aimed at transforming undergraduate STEM education. The institute will take place at Pendle Hill, a  conference center near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 18-23. To learn more about this and other institutes offered by AAC&U see http://www.aacu.org/summerinstitutes/index.cfm.

Heritage Newsletter Receives Awards

web-465---HeritageSpr14-FRONTDonna Harter Raab, executive director of advancement campaign initiatives, received a first place award from the Virginia Press Women Association for writing and editing the Heritage Newsletter. State first place winners were automatically entered in the national contest, and she has received a second place award from the National Federation of Press Women. National awards will be presented in September at the organization’s conference in South Carolina.

The UMW Heritage Newsletter is produced twice per year by the Office of University Advancement to share stories about the impact donor’s gifts and pledges have on UMW students and programs. Read the most recent issue.

Gupta Presents on BRICS and Global Economic Governance

Surupa Gupta, associate professor of Political Science and International Affairs, presented on “BRICS and Global Economic Governance” at the Observer Research Foundation, a premier think tank in New Delhi, India, on Wednesday, July 9, 2014. She provided the opening remarks and Amb. H.H.S Viswanathan, Distinguished Fellow, ORF, was the discussant. Vivan Sharan of ORF’s Global Governance Initiative moderated the discussion.