June 24, 2017

Farnsworth Lectures at Virginia Boys State

Stephen Farnsworth, professor of political science and director of the University’s Center for Leadership and Media Studies, delivered a lecture titled “Virginia’s Candidate Selection Process: Examining Recent Primaries and Conventions” at the American Legion Boys State of Virginia at Radford University on June 21. The week-long government education program brings together nearly 700 of Virginia’s top rising high school seniors in the social sciences.

Al-Tikriti Speaks at Estoril Conference

On 31 May, Associate Professor of History and American Studies Nabil Al-Tikriti was invited to speak on the topic of migration at the international Estoril Conference, which was held on 29-31 May at the Estoril Congress Center outside of Lisbon, Portugal. The panel abstract was as follows:


Prof. Al-Tikriti speaks on migration at the Estoril Conference“In times of migratory crises there is a higher risk of disrespecting human rights. This is particularly threatening for societies’ most vulnerable persons which include migrants, especially illegal migrants. In this context, one must recall the human rights that claim protection, namely in what regards especially vulnerable persons such as women and children.

What threats to the respect of human rights of illegal migrants may be at stake? Who are the actors in charge of enforcing such rights? How can global cooperation be enforced to tackle transnational criminal networks? Who is accountable for human rights violations under these circumstances? Are States bound to a duty to protect refugees even outside their own sovereign territory?”

The panel consisted of:

Eduardo Cabrita (Minister in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister; Portugal)
Ashwani Kumar (Former Minister of Law and Justice; India)
Maria da Conceição (Founder, Maria Cristina Foundation; Bangladesh)
Nabil Al-Tikriti (Associate Professor University of Mary Washington, Vice-President of Médecins sans Frontières; USA)

Arie Kacowicz
(Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Israel)

In his speech, Prof. Al-Tikriti argued that when the law itself is unjust, it is incumbent on those determined to protect human rights to take action. Leveraging his affiliation with MSF / Doctors Without Borders, Dr. Al-Tikriti helped arrange an MSF exhibit on refugees at the conference, and coordinated his speech with Michaël Neuman, Research Director at MSF’s CRASH office in Paris, France.  Other featured speakers in the course of the Estoril Conference included Madeline Albright, Edward Snowden, Bernard Kouchner, Nigel Farage, and several other notable figures.

The Estoril Conference Program: http://www.estorilconferences.com/en/content/schedule.

The Estoril Conference Twitter Feed: https://twitter.com/EstorilConf.

Prof. Al-Tikriti’s Estoril Biography: http://www.estorilconferences.com/en/content/nabil-al-tikriti

Following the conference, in his capacity as MSF USA’s 2016-17 Vice President, Prof. Al-Tikriti participated in MSF’s Operational Center Brussels Gathering on 2-3 June, and the Operational Center Paris General Assembly on 10-11 June.

Broome Co-Authors Chapter on Teaching #BlackLivesMatter

John P. Broome, associate professor of education and program director of elementary, preK-12 and secondary education in the College of Education, co-authored “On the Matter of Black Lives: Using CRT and C3 Inquiry to Examine Current Events” in the recently published book, “Race Lessons: Using Inquiry to Teach About Race in Social Studies“, from Information Age Publishing.

His chapter, written with Dr. Jason Endacott (University of Arkansas), explores the teaching of  controversial race-focused current events in general, and the #BlackLivesMatter movement in particular, through the lens of Critical Race Theory and inquiry-based pedagogy in secondary social studies classrooms.

This work is an extension of his 2014-2016 research on the teaching of the events of Ferguson, Missouri and the #BlackLivesMatter movement in grades 6-12 in the United States.

Rao in Encore Interview on With Good Reason

Anand Rao is being featured in an encore interview titled “BFFs, Girlfriends, Besties” on With Good Reason from June 3-9.

With the evolution of social media, communication styles have changed. Anand Rao has been working with college students to develop best practices for the world of Facebook, Instagram and anonymous online platforms and will discuss those topics in the interview.

Audio files of the full program and its companion news feature will be posted the week of the show:



Barry Presents at National Conference in Chicago

At the end of May, Jennifer Barry, Assistant Professor of Religion, presented at the North American Patristics Conference. During the conference, Barry facilitated a digital humanities workshop on “Mapping the Marginalized” along with Sarah Bond (Assistant Professor of Classics, University of Iowa). Both scholars introduced their colleagues to new GIS tools for visualizing maps and clerical exile for both their own research and pedagogical development. Barry specifically discussed the Clerical Exile project, which is an international, interdisciplinary project she has been a part of since 2015.

Barry also present a paper later in the week titled “Damning Cities: The case against Nicomedia and her bishop.” This paper was based on material from her working monograph and uses space and place theory to trace how the ancient city of Nicomedia was slowly condemned, along with her bishop Eusebius, by late ancient ecclesiastical historians.


Ankjaer-Jensen Appointed to Board, Gives Talk

Beate Ankjaer-Jensen, Cultural Resource Manager at Gari Melchers Home and Studio, was appointed to the board of directors of the Southern Garden History Society at their recent annual meeting in Lexington, Kentucky. The Southern Garden History Society is an active membership organization that raises awareness and promotes scholarship of historic gardens, cultural landscapes and horticultural history across the South. www.southerngardenhistory.org

Ankjaer-Jensen presented a talk, “Restoring the Artist’s Garden,” at the annual meeting of the Heritage Rose Foundation held in Fredericksburg May 19-21. The Heritage Rose Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 1986, devoted to the preservation of old roses. www.heritagerosefoundation.org

Dolby Joins Board

Andrew S. Dolby recently joined the Friends of the Rappahannock’s Executive Committee as a board member. Dolby currently works with FOR staff and volunteers to learn more about the birds living in or visiting our area through a research project on the Rappahannock River. Also, on June 3, Dolby will lead a 2-mile walk along the Rappahannock with the Fredericksburg Birding Club, a chapter of the Virginia Society of Ornithology, as part of the Rock the River event.

Brewer Performs in Folger’s “Sense and Sensibility”

On Monday night, Folger Theatre’s production of Sense and Sensibility won four Helen Hayes awards, including best play and best ensemble. Cate Brewer, lecturer in the Department of Theatre and Dance, was a member of the cast for this production, and performed the role of Mrs. Jennings for the last three weeks of the run. The Helen Hayes Awards are D.C. theater’s professional theater awards. This year was the 33rd annual celebration of the Helen Hayes Awards.

Rycroft Publishes Economics Book

UMW Professor of Economics Robert Rycroft’s edited book The American Middle Class: An Economic Encyclopedia of Progress and Poverty was recently published and will soon be available through Amazon. The text asks the question: What is the “American Dream.” The author’s answer might surprise you.

Al-Tikriti Chapter Submission Published

Nabil Al-Tikriti, associate professor of history, published a chapter in an edited volume titled “An Ottoman View of World History: Kātip Çelebi’s Takvīmü’t-tevārīh.”

This segment of an edited volume originated as a presentation for the “International Kātip Çelebi Research Symposium / Uluslararası Kātip Çelebi Araştırmaları Sempozyumu” in Izmir, Turkey in July, 2015.

The contribution analyzes Kātip Çelebi’s (d. 1657) world history almanac, Takvīmü’t-tevārīẖ, and its place in his own oeuvre, 17th century Ottoman historical writing, and Islamicate calendar literature in general. It also summarizes the contents and structure of the text, as well as its evolution as a living text in the decades following its completion.

This invited conference attendance was made possible with the support of both Izmir Kātip Çelebi Üniversitesi and the University of Mary Washington.

Al-Tikriti book jacket

Publication Date: May 2017
Publication Name: Al-Tikriti, Nabil. “An Ottoman View of World History: Kātip Çelebi’s Takvīmü’t-tevārīẖ.” In Eds. Turan Gökçe, Mikail Acıpınar, İrfan Kokdaş, and Özer Küpeli. International Kātip Çelebi Research Symposium Proceedings / Uluslararası Kātip Çelebi Araştırmaları Sempozyumu Bildirileri (Izmir: İzmir Kātip Çelebi Üniversitesi Yayınları, 2017).