November 24, 2017

Konieczny Publishes in Journal of Algebra and Its Applications

Janusz Konieczny, professor of mathematics, published a research article, A new definition of conjugacy for semigroups, in the Journal of Algebra and Its Applications. This research has been supported by a 2015-17 Waple Professorship.

Konieczny Publishes in Combinatorica

Janusz Konieczny, professor of mathematics, co-authored a research article, Automorphism groups of circulant digraphs with applications to semigroup theory, published in the journal Combinatorica.

Konieczny Presents at American Mathematical Society Meeting

Janusz Konieczny, professor of mathematics, gave a talk, A new definition of conjugacy for semigroups, in the Special Session on Recent Trends in Semigroup Theory at the meeting of the American Mathematical Society, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado, Oct. 8-9, 2016.

Konieczny Publishes in Semigroup Forum

Janusz Konieczny, professor of mathematics, co-authored a research article, Directed graphs of inner translations of semigroups, published in the journal Semigroup Forum.

Konieczny Publishes in the Israel Journal of Mathematics

Janusz Konieczny, professor of mathematics, co-authored a research article, The commuting graph of the symmetric inverse semigroup, published in the Israel Journal of Mathematics.

UMW Mathematics Professor Receives Fulbright Grant

Julius Esunge, assistant professor of mathematics at the University of Mary Washington, has been selected to receive a prestigious 2015-2016 Fulbright U.S. Scholar grant. Esunge will teach and conduct research at the University of Buea in the Republic of Cameroon beginning in the spring of 2016.   Assistant Professor Julius Esunge The Fulbright Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, is the U.S. government’s flagship international exchange program. The scholarship program gives professors a unique opportunity as ambassadors of American higher education, pursuing research and teaching opportunities around the world. An expert in stochastic analysis, Esunge blends mathematics and statistics to understand and solve real-world problems. As part of his Fulbright grant, Esunge will return to the place of his undergraduate studies – the University of Buea – to teach two semesters of probability and actuarial mathematics and lead a weekly graduate seminar in stochastic analysis. He also will construct and compare predictive models for healthcare costs. “The opportunity to return to the University of Buea and actively mentor a new generation of students is priceless,” said Esunge, who joined the UMW mathematics department in 2009. “I have the opportunity to map a path for the current students and motivate them through passionate teaching.” Esunge received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Buea, a master’s degree from Lehigh University and a master’s degree and doctorate’s degree from Louisiana State University. “Dr. Esunge is a very popular and effective teacher, and I know he will have a tremendous impact at the University of Buea,” said Jonathan Levin, provost at UMW. “It is a special pleasure to see him bring his talent and expertise to his own alma mater in Cameroon.”

Denhere Presents at Joint Mathematics Meetings

Melody Denhere, assistant professor of mathematics,  presented her work “Rank Estimation for the Functional Linear Model” in a session on Probability and Statistics at the Joint Mathematics Meetings which were held in San Antonio, Texas from Jan. 10 – 13. This work was a collaboration with Huybrechts Bindele from the University of South Alabama.

Earlier, Denhere also attended the 2014 Blackwell-Tapia Conference held in Los Angeles, California from Nov. 14 – 15. The conference and prize honors David Blackwell and Richard Tapia (who won the National Medal of Science in 2010), two seminal figures who inspired a generation of African-American, Native American and Latino/Latina students to pursue careers in mathematics. At the conference, Denhere presented a poster on work she carried out with her student, Victoria Moore, during the summer through the Jepson Summer Science Institute.

Analyzing Antarctica

UMW alum researches cosmic rays.

Taking on Twitter

Is it a human or a Twitter bot?

Researchers from the University of Mary Washington and the Naval Surface Warfare Center want to know for sure.

UMW computer science majors Bryan Holster and Chris Zimmerman, under the guidance of Professor Stephen Davies, have teamed with scientists at the center’s Dahlgren division to get to the bottom of this sometimes perplexing social media mystery. The partnership is one of several ongoing collaborations between the University and the Naval Surface Warfare Center.

Taking on Twitter

UMW students team with Dahlgren scientists to conduct research.