October 23, 2017

UMW Celebrates the National Day on Writing, Oct. 20

The University of Mary Washington Department of English, Linguistics, and Communication, Simpson Library, and the Writing Center are collaborating to observe on campus the National Day on Writing on Friday, Oct. 20, 2017, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. in Combs’ Third Floor ELC Common area, the library, and the Hurley Convergence Center.

The UMW National Day on Writing activities include participating in the national #WhyIWrite Twitter hashtag (planned to be displayed on the Hurley Convergence Center digital screen), post-it note responses to Why I Write, writing six-word stories, and more. Participants visiting one of the on-campus locations will be eligible for prizes. All faculty and students are urged to participate and to share the news of the event.

The National ​Day on Writing was founded by the National Council of Teachers of English. Each year, Oct. 20 is designated as a day to “celebrate the importance, joy, and evolution of writing.” The #WhyIWrite tweetup is one of the many events hosted by thousands of educators across the country. Last year there were more than 60,000 tweets using #WhyIWrite.

In addition to on-campus activities, UMW will celebrate the National Day on Writing with a Twitter campaign highlighting faculty, student and alumni authors.

UMW faculty, staff and students who have written a work of any kind are encourage to tweet why they write with:

  • A link to their work
  • #WhyIWrite
  • @UMaryWash (so it can be retweeted)

If you have any questions about the event, contact Brenta Blevins (sblevin2@umw.edu), Gwendolyn Hale (ghale@umw.edu), or James Pape (jpape@umw.edu).


Gwen Hale and Students Presented at Regional Conference

Gwen Hale (left) and tutors from the Writing Center presented at the PCAS/ACAS conference in Nashville

Gwen Hale, director of the Writing Center and Writing Program, presented at the Popular/American Cultural Association in the South (PCAS/ACAS) conference in Nashville, Tenn. Several tutors in the Writing Center also presented at the conference from Sept. 27 to 30. Hale presented “Making Room: Using Technology, Social Media, and Old Fashioned Ingenuity in Writing Centers to Serve the Influx of University Students with Varying Skill Sets, Educational Needs, and Social Backgrounds.”

Carly Boucher presented “Bridging the Gap of Different Englishes in American Universities,” Connie Dowell presented “Just a Blog Post?: Writing Centers and 21st Century Composition,” Sarah Foote presented “Voice is Choice!: The Importance of Finding and Teaching Voice in Writing,” Nicollo Madden presented “Pop Music as a Learning Devive for those with Autism” and Zehra Yousofi presented “Brawny: It’s More than Just a Paper Towel.”

“Aside from delivering amazing presentations, several of the UMW students were approached  by scholars from other universities. Zehra Yousofi was approached about applying for a graduate program at the University of Kentucky. Further, she was approached about publishing the paper she presented at the conference. Next, Nicollo Madden was approached about continuing his scholarship and applying for a graduate program at Morgan State University. The students attended numerous sessions and networked with scholars from all over the South. Now that they have had a taste of presenting at conferences, they have all concluded that they certainly want to do it again.” — Gwen Hale