November 23, 2017

Stommel Quoted in Inside Higher Ed

Jesse Stommel, executive director of the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies at UMW,  and founding director of the Hybrid Pedagogy journal, was quoted recently in Inside Higstommelher Ed. In the article, “Do Professors Need Automated Help Grading Online Comments?,” Stommel said that he found Blackboard’s proposal to evaluate student writing in this way to be alarming. “There is certainly space for technology to help us create dialogue in an online class, but using a technology to assess the success of a discussion, ultimately it reduces student engagement to a rote series of behaviors. ‘Write a comment of 60 words, citing two sources, responding to at least one of your classmates’ — those kinds of behaviors do not make a discussion successful. They’re arbitrary markers.”



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Ethical Online Learning Town Hall Nov. 1

UMW’s Division of Teaching and Learning Technology invites you to our next Digital Liberal Arts town hall conversation. We will be joined by an international group with experience researching online education, teaching online, teaching MOOCs, administering online programs and more. The event will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 1, at 4 p.m. in the HCC Digital Auditorium.

Elizabeth Losh, William & Mary
Sean Michael Morris, Middlebury College
Kate Bowles, University of Wollongong, Australia
Alan Levine, Independent Speaker and Consultant

Together, they will push us to think about new approaches to online learning. Panelists will each offer short position statements before engaging our community in an open conversation moderated by DTLT Executive Director Jesse Stommel.

Some of the questions we’ll consider include:

What would a liberal arts-inflected online program look like? How can we imagine online learning that is “high-touch,” “socially engaged,” “critical” and “active”? How would such a program be functionally and pedagogically different than a conventional online program? What are some of the models for this kind of work?

What does online teaching look like? What are the possible pitfalls? What are the challenges in administering online programs? How can we effectively integrate online learning at on-ground institutions?

If you can’t make it in person, the discussion will be live-streamed and available here:

And you can join the backchannel on Twitter with #DoOO.

Full schedule of the Town Halls and Design Sprints in the Digital Liberal Arts Series:

TTI Month

Teaching, Technology & Innovation Month, hosted by DTLT is April! See the attached flier for information about the programs that will take place on March 30, April 4, April 5, April 8, April 13, April 22 and April 30.