May 29, 2016

Randall Helmstutler Publishes in PRIMUS

Associate Professor of Mathematics Randall Helmstutler recently co-authored an article published in the journal PRIMUS - Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies.  The article, “Finite Topological Spaces as a Pedagogical Tool,” looks at the use of finite topological spaces as examples in a point-set topology class especially suited to help students transition into abstract mathematics.

Mathematics Students Present at Regional Meeting

Three UMW students presented results of their research projects at the fall regional meeting of the Mathematical Association of America held at Christopher Newport University in November.  Catherine O’Doherty presented “Explanation of the Matrix Exponential,” a work based on her project under the direction of Dr. Julius Esunge.  Ryan Vaughn’s presentation, titled “On the Contractibility of Finite coH-Spaces” extends his work with Dr. Randall Helmstutler which began during the Summer Science Institute of 2011.  Finally, Kelly Scott presented “Anti-Blocking Sets” based on her honors project currently in progress under the direction of Dr. Keith Mellinger.