May 29, 2023

Art in the Street

UMW students with a penchant for the arts helped transform a downtown city street into a temporary art gallery at the first annual Fredericksburg Via Colori Festival. They were among about 75 artists who registered for the community event organized by the Fredericksburg Arts Commission.

Pastels in their hands, students worked in two-hour shifts on Saturday, September 25 to transform a 10-by-10-foot square of Charlotte Street from black pavement to a colorful creation that incorporated multiple masterpieces within a single frame.

Under the direction of Distinguished Professor of Art Joe Di Bella, 25 students signed on to decorate the pavement with excerpts from works by notable artists such as Johannes Vermeer, Vincent Van Gogh and Andy Warhol. Students Hilary Galbreaith, Maggie Tanner, Maria Galuszka and Lauren Gottschlich portrayed excerpts from works by notable artists during a brainstorming session before the festival.  Read the full article and view more photos.

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