July 13, 2024

President Hurley Announces Task Force Members

I am pleased to announce that I have selected the following members of the faculty to serve on the fifteen member Academic Task Force that will work on the Strategic Resource Allocation study.  You will recall that for the Academic Task Force I was to select eleven members from the list of faculty elected by their peers and four others of my choosing.

Elected Members             Other Members

Mehdi Aminrazavi            Ken Machande

Rosemary Barra                David Kolar

Chuck Whipkey                  Dana Hall

Stephen Davies                   Beverly Epps

Steven Greenlaw

Venitta McCall

Marie Sheckels

Louis Martinette

Marjorie Och

Allyson Poska

Brooke DiLauro

I am pleased to announce the members of the Strategic Resource Allocation Support Task Force.  Their names and the area in which they work are listed below.

Jay Sullivan, Facilities

Andy Rush, DTLT

Mark Thaden, Alumni Relations

Christie Glancy, Library

Jason Kilby, Athletics

Sabrina Johnson, Human Resources

Golda Eldridge, Student Affairs

Allyson Moerman, Finance

Ginny Irvin, Academic Affairs

Lavar Edmunds, Student

Sarah Healy, Student

Ranjit Singh, Political Science and International Affairs

Suzanne Sumner, Mathematics

Jackie Gallagher, Geography

Leslie Martin, Sociology and  Anthropology

Our consultant for this process, Larry Goldstein, has asked that faculty reserve three days, March 25, 26 and 27 to begin the process.  He will work with both task forces over these three days and after that, his work is finished unless we need to call on him for advice.  More precise information will be provided as the dates draw near.

— President Richard V. Hurley

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