March 23, 2018

Steckler Presents Research at Emerging Adult Conference

Debra Steckler, department of psychology, presented two posters based on research she did with her Psyc 491-492 students at the 6th Conference on Emerging Adulthood in Chicago Oct. 9 to11.

The  posters were:

Steckler, D. C., Ackley, J., Hoehn, J. T., Hunnicutt, K., Manno, A., & Feeley, L.    Emerging adulthood:  A study of three generations


Steckler, D. C., Callaghan, K., Carroll, A., Rowcliffe, M., Smith, R., & Sullivan, M.   The prerequisites of emerging adulthood:  The profile of the “Forgotten Half”