March 19, 2019

UMW Cybersecurity Training

March is the month UMW conducts cybersecurity training for all employees, contractors, and other account owners. You will soon receive an email from the SANS cybersecurity training system, with instructions on how to complete your training.

The Commonwealth of Virginia Security Standard SEC501-10.1 requires all agencies establish and manage a cybersecurity training program, and that all employees, contractors, and account owners complete training annually.

In order to comply with Commonwealth of Virginia audit requirements, if you do not complete your training within 30 days of being notified of the start of your training window, your UMW NetID account will be disabled. If your account is disabled, you will have to contact the IT Help Desk during regular business hours and request your account be re-enabled. You will then have up to a week to complete your training, and if you do not complete your training within the allotted time, your account will be disabled again. This process will repeat until you have completed your training.

If you have technical questions or problems when taking the training, contact the IT Help Desk ( or call at 540-654-2255).

If you have questions about the cybersecurity training policy or process, you can contact me directly.

Hall Cheshire

Chief Information Officer

University of Mary Washington



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