September 25, 2022

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Ryan Hastings: Military Man

Staff Sgt. Ryan Hastings served for 20 years with the U.S. Army before becoming UMW's veterans liaison in 2019.

Staff Sgt. Ryan Hastings served for 20 years with the U.S. Army before becoming UMW’s veterans liaison in 2019.

Staff Sgt. Ryan Hastings began the year on a mission. He wanted to purchase lapel pins for faculty and staff to show solidarity with veterans and students from military families, who make up a sizeable chunk of the University of Mary Washington community. He shored up support from the Staff Advisory Council, the Office of the President and UMW’s Veterans Resource Center and found a local veteran-owned business to produce the pins.

Then came COVID-19. Everything was put on hold, that is, until Hastings decided to pay out of his own pocket for the pins, he said, “in a small act of defiance against the pandemic.”

This kind of commitment to those who have served is what led to Hastings – a 20-year U.S. Army veteran – becoming UMW’s Veterans Liaison in 2019. He previously earned a Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree in History and Communication from UMW and a post-baccalaureate degree in Leadership and Management Studies.

“As a student, I found it difficult to relate to many of my younger classmates,” said Hastings, adding that veterans tend to be older and married with children. Based in the Registrar’s Office on the Stafford Campus, he draws from personal experience to help the graduate students seeking their MBA or Master in Education, as well as the undergrad students using the V.A. Vocational Readiness and Employment education benefits to acclimate to life at UMW, often coordinating with other departments across the University.

After arranging tutoring for one student, Hastings shared how UMW’s Office of Disability Resources had helped him in college. He also brought him to the Veterans Resource Center on the University Center’s first floor, where veterans and military-connected students can study, relax and connect with other former service members.

“If you’re a veteran looking to recapture the camaraderie you had in the military,” he said, “I encourage you to give it a try.”

Q: What motivated you to join the military?
A: I grew up in a musical family, so I wanted to serve in one of the military bands stationed near Washington, D.C. After an intense audition process, I was fortunate to earn a spot with the U.S. Army Fife and Drum Corps and serve as a bugler at Fort Myer in Arlington for 20 years.

Q: What do you remember about your time in the military?
A: Marching in five inauguration ceremonies for Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama and performing at the opening of the D-Day Museum in New Orleans, where I met Tom Hanks. But I’m also haunted by the memories of the 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon. Many of us saw it happen and were later tasked with removing the remains.

Q: What’s the most rewarding part of your job?
A: Engaging with UMW’s veteran community and helping them make their academic goals a reality.

Q: The most challenging?
A: Working with a student who just transitioned out of the military. There are a few required steps to set up education benefits through the Veterans Affairs office, which moves at a glacial pace.

Q: How has life changed for you now that you’re a veteran?
A: I’ve enjoyed using the word “no” a lot. I wasn’t able to say it very much between 1995 and 2015.

Military Resources Expo, Dec. 15 at 3 p.m.

2021 Virginia Advisory Council on Military Education, Military Resource Expo, Dec. 15 at 3PM, Fredericksburg Expo & Conference CenterThe University of Mary Washington, a member school of the Virginia Advisory Council on Military Education, co-hosts the Military Resource Expo on Wednesday, Dec. 15 at 3 p.m. at the Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center (2371 Carl D. Silver Pkwy., Fredericksburg, VA 22401).

Information on careers, education (including UMW’s Bachelor of Liberal Studies program), scholarships and more will be available at this event for military and veteran students.

Please contact Ryan Hastings, Veteran Liaison/Assistant Registrar at 540-286-8075 or for more information.

August 2020 Staff Advisory Council Newsletter

Happy August, UMW!

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UMW Graduates Class of 2014 in 103rd Commencement

The University of Mary Washington graduated a total of 1,249 students during its 103rd commencement in a graduate ceremony on Friday, May 9 at 7:30 p.m. in the William M. Anderson Center and in an undergraduate ceremony on Saturday, May 10 at 9 a.m. in Ball Circle on the university’s Fredericksburg campus.

The university awarded 62 Master of Business Administration degrees, 99 Master of Education degrees, 12 Master of Science in Management Information Systems, 40 Master of Science in Elementary Education Degrees, 449 Bachelor of Arts degrees, 66 Bachelor of Liberal Studies degrees, 25 Bachelor of Professional Studies degrees and 491 Bachelor of Science degrees. Five graduates received both the MBA and the MSMIS in a dual-degree program.

Graduates celebrate the 103rd UMW Commencement.

Graduates celebrate the 103rd UMW Commencement.

Graduates with Master of Business Administration degrees:

Pamela R. Adams, Ghufran Ahmad, Wendy G. Alderman, Nicholas Cusmina Alexander, AnnaMaria R. Altman, Frederick M. Badke, Sandra W. Brown, Timothy J. Bryner, John S. Budd, Kimberly K. Carini, Todd J. Coates, Catherine L. Corbin, Lisa M. Cornwell, Catherine L. Critzer, Mani Dakshina, Bailey Yale Davis, Ian Rendell Davis, Margaret M. Duker, Karen E. Eubanks, Thomas Lloyd Eutsler, Shelly L. Gibbons, Lindsay Harrison Gillespie, Augustus Gyapong, Elaine T. Hanner, Xi He, Trista J. Holmberg, Tanja  Hughes, Gianina R. Jaisinghani, Ryan M. Ksanznak, Tony Tynel Lewis, Jennifer Sue Manster, John T. McNeil, Peter W. O’Hara, Tony S. Padgett, Mark C. Palombo, Michael A. Panzano, Michelle Lauren Partridge, Katherine D. Piper, Kelly J. Rudnick, Muhammad A. Saleem, Yuanita Christanti Santoso, Trevor Michael Schrotz, Michael T. Setti, Anne  Sexton, Matthew M. Shepherd, Kavuo  Simisi, Rachel M. Simpson, Nicole D. Skiljo, Catherine C. Staggs, Paul G. Storer, Abdul-Latif  Sulleiman, Mckisa Q. Tate, Elizabeth C. Thompson, Leo J. Titus, Michael E. Walter, Rebecca E. Washington and Rebekah K. Wood.

Graduates with Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Management Information Systems degrees:

Julie B. Addington, Dawn K. Altman, Anna Margaret Hogan, Tracy C. Mannion and Wajahat Qureshi.

Graduates with Master of Education degrees:

Brittany Diane Dudley Alexander, Steven E. Allen, Matthew W. Ballard, Samantha J. Brinkmann, Edythe E. Brooks

Graduate finds a creative way to fend off the rain.

Graduate finds a creative way to fend off the rain.

, Paige Taylor Burton, Kelley L. Callahan, Thomas W. Carroll, Jeanette L. Carter, Nicole M. Cerniglia, Carolyn T. Ciminelli, Holly Cooke, Olivia J. Costello, Allison Brooke Crerie, Leigh Arden Cruz, Joseph R. Curtin, Gisela De La Rivera, Marc A. Dellacanonica, Mariela E. DeMaio, Jacqueline Anne Demko, Courtney M. Dettinger, Michael J. Diebold, Ashley Octavia Dietzen, Jeanette L. Dosch, Katelynn N. Dulavitch, Ashton R. Dye, Matthew E. Eby, Lee Erik Finger, John P. Florip, Andrea B. Fossum, Ellen M. Fritz, Heather L. Gluchowski, Michaela P. Godfrey, Sarah Elizabeth Gordon, Joy L. Haley, Christie Williams Hall, Della B. Hall, Karissa M. Herrick, Erin M. Hill, Shelley M. Hillberry, Emilee C. Howard, Lori C. Hyde, Jo-Ann M. Intoy, Sarah R. Jones, Victoria A. Jones, Carla Y. Jordan, Leigh M. Judd, Katrina M. Kapes, Hannah C. Kassebaum, Deborah Michelle Keller, Kylie E.C. Kerr, Cynthia M. Klein, Gabrielle R. Kuhn, Thomas J. Kurylo, Claudette G. Larned, Elizabeth A. Lautenschlager, Katelyn A. Lease, Joseph E. Lehman, Michelle Andrene Lurch-Shaw, Rachel E. MacLeod, Melissa A. Maestle, Jessica Ann Martin, Heather L. McElwain, Jennifer L. McGraw, Teri M. Mills, Kimberlee Kay Mohle, Kathryn T. Murphy, Phillip Harrison Nobblitt, Christen Carol Oliver, Brooke N. Parker, Kathy L. Paschall, Kayla N. Patterson, Megan L. Paulson, Christian P. Peabody, Katherine E. Preseren, Katherine M. Razza, Matthew S. Resnick, Anne Longerbeam Roberts, Joseph R. Royston, Monica H. Saunders, Carole L. Schreppler, Lonnie A. Southall, Marvin Elizabeth Srivastava, Sarah L. Stanfar, Amy E. Styer, Timothy A. Surette, Kathryn T. Tarr, William H. Tash, Ana L. Teller, Clarke C. Warren, Barbara A. Webber, Lisa Marie Wertz, Jennifer Winfree-Harbour, Luke J. Wolverton, Justin Joseph Womack, Karla S. Worthington, Randa J. Yoder and Lisa A. Zargarpur.

Graduates with Master of Science in Management Information Systems degrees:

Charles R. Bush, Mark Filoso, Jennifer Gallaway, Natasha S. Hicks, Daniel T. Jaworowski, Jennifer L. Jones, Sridhivya Kumar, Leo Robert Manster, Price E. Martin, Neil F. McManama, Charles R. Rhodes and Donald A. Thompson.

Graduates with Master of Science in Elementary Education degrees:

Jane C. Bishop, Elisabeth C. Butler, Brittany L. Byrd, Lindsey O. Catlett, Taylor R. Chadman, Marcella E. Cook, Casey L. Dodrill, Amy C. Dowd, Brittany N. Dray, Megan C. Gallagher, Lauren E. Garay, Claire E. Gianelle, Chelsea R. Givler, Laura A. Gomez, Amy R. Gutmann, Janine E. Henley, Candace J. Hicks, Katrina C. Hobbs, Anna K. Holman, Jessica M. Houck, Caroline B. Isaacson, Kelsie M. LaSalata, Alexandra E. Long, Kaylee B. McClung, Margaret A. McMillan, Kathleen A. Mead, Samantha K. Morris, Hannah C. Moser, Ciara R. Norquist, Jessica E. O’Connell, Katherine L. Partenheimer, Kristina C. Pistochini, Allison R. Reed, Suzanne F. Rodgers, Amy L. Stevens, Bess B. Ten Eyck, Sarah E. Vogt, Kathleen W. Wallace and Kelsey B. Woehnker.

Graduates with Bachelor of Arts degrees:

Sarah E. Abbott, Eunice O. Achiaa, Wilson Acosta, Isabelle F. Ahearn, Samantha C. Akridge, Conner M. Allen,

Traditional turning of the tassel.

Traditional turning of the tassel continues.

Matthew B. Allen, Wail F. Alshaebi, Luke A. Andahazy, Emily K. Anderson, Kiersten C. Anderson, Bethany L. Apelquist, Katharine M. Appel, Brent F. Arehart, Melissa A. Arrowsmith, Kelsey B. Arthur, Rita Artinian, Ambar Z. Atta, Laila M. Ayub, Mary-Patrick Bailey, Rachel E. Bailey, Laura M. Balderson, Tara E. Banks, Lelia E. Barnes, Timothy C. Barr, Emily K. Barry, Christopher M. Barton, Kelly G. Bassford, Katelyn I. Bateman, Cheryl E. Beckwith, Carolyn A. Bednarek, Caroline H. Bender, Lindsay P. Bennett, Sarah E. Bergstresser, Domenique N. Bernett, Molly E. Bernhard, Lindsey S. Bevis, Megan L. Bingham, Wayne L. Bird, Shanice K. Black, Amy J. Blankinship, Kerry B. Blanton, Amanda P. Bletsh, Joshua C. Bocher, Richard L. Boehling, Kathleen T. Boggs, Marina M. Bonanno, Michelle V. Bondesen, Anna L. Boning, Ethan M. Bottone, Phillip R. Bouchard, Margaret M. Boyle, Ramana R. Briggs, Andrew K. Broedel, Emily A. Broton, Benjamin O. Brown, Alex F. Brudno, Kathleen E. Busch, Garrett G. Bush, Sarah Joy P. Calpo, Stephen T. Campbell, Patrick C. Canis, Elizabeth E. Carnevale, Kelsey W. Carter, Samantha E. Carter, Patrick J. Cashin, Elizabeth A. Castillo, Ariadne T. Cave, Eve R. Cederbaum, David J. Chambers, Gregory M. Chandler, Courtney A. Cherico, Chelsea R. Chin, Barbara B. Chitty, Amelia N. Clark, Amy M. Clark, Colleen D. Clark, Joseph G. Clayton, Christine E. Clements, Allison C. Cline, Lindsey S. Clouser, Gemma L. Cohen, Courtney L. Collier, Sean R. Colligan, Sarah D. Cook, Keegan M. Cooke, Mary C. Cornell, Diane R. Crabtree, Kathryn D. Cramer, Rachel L. Crist, Patrick J. Crosmun, John G. Crowell-Mackie, Samuel J. Crystal, Nicole C. Dacales, Ruth E. Dalrymple, Erin M. Dandridge, Robert A. Darron, Anna K. Davis, Carly A. Davis, Nathan S. Dawes, Morgan L. Deacon, Katherine L. DeCecco, Sarah E. Decker, Casey N. Dee, Arthur E. Deegan, Sarah K. Deffenbaugh, Elisa A. Delle Fratte, Andrew D. Denn, Elizabeth C. Depczenski, Danielle P. DeSimone, Kyle H. Dexheimer, Tara A. Dighe, Adji Marietou Diop, Abaigeal W. Doherty, Ryan M. Donaldson, Shama Doshi, Hilary O. Douglas, Grace A. Draper, Ellen R. Dreher, Taylor M. Durning, Andrew P. Eames, Hailey A. Edgemond, Emma L. Eggers, RaeAna M. Eiley, Jessica C. Elder, Kathryn H. Ellis, Caitlan E. Faulkner, Shannan M. Feight, Cameron C. Figuers, Benjamin K. Finley, Gillian M. Finney, Alexandra C. Fisher, Lauren A. Floyd, Caroline C. Fogg, Kady E. Fortier, Caroline E. Frantz, Gabrielle M. Frohock, Kimberlyn J. Frost, Paola K. Fuentelsaz, Elisa J. Fuhrken, Caryn M. Fuqua, Nyssa M. Giangregorio, Hallie E. Gibson, Stella R. Gibson, Kathryn R. Gigantiello, Joselyn R. Giles, David A. Gillotte, Kelly G. Glazebrook, Emma L. Goodacre, Dawn T. Googe, Morgan B. Graff, Gabriella C. Graham, Phyllis M. Gray-Edmonds, Ryan M. Greenwood, Anna H. Grotophorst, Adam M. Hager, Sam M. Hall, Leigh C. Hamilton, Katie D. T. Hardesty, George A. Hareras, Benjamin M. Harris, Evelyn M. Hartman, Elizabeth A. Harvey, Tierra M. Harvey, Kelly A. Hastings, Brooke W. Hatcher, Felysia R. Havens, Haven L. Headley, Daniel F. Healy, William L. Hechmer, Stephen E. Hennessey, Gregory E. Henninger, Niall J. Herlehy, Isaac E. Herrera, Jason M. Hilton, Dana E. Hinden, Emily F. Hodder, Cameron C. Hodge, Samantha J. Hogue, Lauren A. Holt, Angela T. Hopgood, Tasha L. Horton, Melanie M. Houston, Michelle L. Howell, Colleen M. Huber, Max J. Huemer, Thomas M. Hughes, Charles G. Hulfish, Calynn M. Hulsey-Liong, Holley B. Hyler, Lelia C. Hyman, Kathryn A. Ivey, Alesha J. James, Melanie P. Jankovits, Radwan H. Jarrar, Tyler J. Jennings, Elizabeth J. Johnson, Danielle L. Jones, Rachael G. Juhan, Upma Kapoor, Mary C. Keever, Catherine S. Kellogg, Margaret H. Kennedy, Cory J. Kidd, Hannah P. Kincaid, Michelle A. King, Whitney E. Kiper, Kathryn L. Knoop, Zachariah J. Krauss, Samantha L. Krenzer, Callie R. Kyhl, Katherine M. Labombarde, Lula R. Lambert, Stephanie A. Landy, Brady G. Larkin, Carl A. Larsen, Kristen J. Lawrence, Katelyn M. Leboff, Catherine R. LeBouton, Gi Peum Lee, Elizabeth D. Lewan, Emile B. Lewis, Stefanie F. Lilly, Eric M. Litchford, Kendra E. Logston, Kathryn G. Lohr, Christopher D. Lomax, Kevin S. Lopez, Stephanie Lopez, Andrew D. Lowdon, James C. Lupia, Robert W. Luther, Corey P. Lyons, Megan L. Mahoney, Inga W. Maleombho, Heather L. Marshall, Jamie D. Marshall, Allison B. Martin, Madison E. Martin, Rachel L. Martin, Logan J. Martinez, Stephanie L. Martinez, Vernon T. Mathews, Brooke A. Matta, Danny S. Maupin, Katelyn S. Maxwell, Amber E. May, Maura M. Mays, Caitlin M. McCafferty, William S. McCarry, Patrick G. McCleary, Tess C. McClellan, Michelle R. McConnell, Tara K. McCrone, Amanda H. I. McCullough, Phoebe M. McDermott, Nicholas M. McGovern, Peter J. McGrath, Ellen L. McIntyre, Edgar A. McKewen-Moreno, Erica C. McPhee, Laila M. McQuade, Sarah A. Mendelsohn, Russell D. Michelson, Jenny M. Miller, Devin N. Millhorn, Jason S. Milton, Kasey C. Moore, Malcolm D. Moore, Michael M. Moorman, Jared F. Morel, Ligaya M. Moriarty, Suquoia C. Mosby, Sidney A. Mullis, Kiauna I. Munnis, Matilde C. Nativi, Carey T. Natoli, Paige A. Naylor, Laura E. Needham, Christopher J. Nerger, Devin Netter, Randolph P. Nicklas, John D. Noack, Gina Noh, Alice A. O’Brien, Erica L. O’Brien, Shelby E. Orlando, Collin E. Overacker, Thomas A. Pacheco, Jahna S. Paige, Fatima L. Paniagua Emestica, Catherine E. Parrotte, Samantha W. Partonen, Claire E. Patrick, Eve M. Patterson, Danielle M. Payne, Christian P. Peabody, Molly T. Pennington, Hellen P. Pereira, Catherine R. Perrin, Catherine L. Peterson, Claire M. Pickard, Lynn A. Pincus, Diana T. Pistochini, Charles W. Pittard, Rebecca M. Polzin, Chelsea D. Pomeroy, Jenniffer A. Powers, Stephanie E. Preston, Lara R. Pugh, Travis R. Quattlebaum, Gaelyn M. Quirey, Kristina M. Rader, Chelsea J. Raitor, Cesar E. Ramirez, Jenna M. Randall, Julia G. Randall, Sean W. Redmiles, Brenda J. Reyes, Kathryn A. Ricchetti, Annelise M. Riedel, Bradley M. Riester, Krista M. Riggleson, Joshua E. Roberts, Candice G. Roland, Colin F. Rom, Christina M. Sabol, William W. Sacripanti, Terra L. Sadek, Kaitlin E. Sadler, Bryanne E. Salazar, Esther C. Sampson, Sandra G. Sanchez, Andres R. Sanz-Guerrero, Irene R. Satchwell, Nathalie C. Scarbrough, Ariel C. Scharf, Katherine M. L. Scheetz, Emily C. Scheuer, Megan E. Schloemer, Robert E. Schoonover, Jon D. Schuler, Anthony O. Seippel, John R. Settle, Kevin K. Shaker, Matthew L. Shaughnessy, Katelynn T. Shaver, Patrick E. Sheehy, Laura M. Shepko, Rebecca L. Sherman, Victoria L. Skaggs, Robert J. Skoczylas, Kimberly L. Slater, Nathan A. Slater, Conan G. Smeeth, Allison R. Smith, Helen R. Smith, Isabel R. Q. Smith, Minta V. Smith, Stuart B. Smith, Robert B. Snook, Min G. Son, Laura R. Spain, Colin T.L. Spangler, Richard A. Speth, Faith J. Spillman, Virginia R. St. Clair, Hana J. Stalik, Michael R. Stange, Dorothy W. Stanton, Elizabeth W. Starek, Timothy J. Stark, Jonathan J. Steenberg, Samantha N. Stepanov-VandenBerg, Jacqueline R. Stern, Sarah Stern, Alison E. Stevens, Margot J. Storch, William C. Story, Hannah E. Straton, Gorden J. R. Struck, Meaghan E. Sullivan, Nathan E. Tabor, Jessie A. Tamayo, Leah C. Tams, Maggie H. Tanner, Mena Tarin, Erin C. Taylor, Maricella L. Taylor, Samuel J. Taylor, Starlet A. Tetteh, Claire E. Thompson, Ian C. Thompson-Heinz, Sarah P. Throop, Dylan M. Tibert, Ana Tkabladze, Anthony D. Toigo, Zachary W. Tolson, Suzanna M. Toske, Kelsey L. Trumble, Katherine L. Tryon, Angela C. Turner, Eric W. Turner, Joseph O. Turner, Rebecca D. Turner, Mary A. Turpin, Katelyn S. Van Valkenburg, Amanda N. Vercruysse, Emily P. Villa, Carol L. Vinatieri, Kristy H. Virts, Brittany A. Vitner, Caroline E. Vroom, Chelsea M. Wagenaar, Cynthia J. Walker, Elizabeth A. Walker, Karen M. Walker, Peter W. Walters, Andrew D. Walz, Courtney E. Washington, Sara Weinstein, Regina A. Weiss, Mollie E. Welty, Mary L. Wendt, Sarah J. Westphal, Kelsey L. E. Wheaton, Ellen M. White, Zachary J. White, Kelsey A. Whitman, Colleen M. Williams, Desiree S. Williams, Leigh A. Williams, Mary R. Williams, Kaylee L. Wilsher, Ana L. Wilson, Jamie D. Wilson, Laura C. Wiltenmuth, Carly E. Winfield, Susanna A. Wolf, Carolina D. Wood, Julia N. Wood, Molly K. Woods, Benjamin E. Wrightson, Abigail B. Yirrah, Christine E. Zale and Daniel F. Zoellner.

Graduates with Bachelor of Liberal Studies degrees:

Sabrina M. Baldwin, Sherri R. Beck, Kathleen A. Belrose-Ramey, Michael Anthony Berry, Lori W. Brown, Melissa Andrews Brown, Scott L. Campbell, Anna A. Chavez, Jeanne M. Converse, Cheryl A. Copas, Luisa P. Cutler, Colleen T. Deabler, Robyn C. Dow, Jason J. Ellington, Isaac C. Erickson, Elizabeth C. Escobar-Jack, Jermicka A. Evans, Shana M. Forsythe-Price, Danielle L. Fulwood, Jennifer S. Furlong, Susan M. Gardner, Jem L. Gezen, Sean A. Gezen, Lisa A. Green, Kristal Nicole Hall, Denise A. Heflin, Jeremy L. Hockensmith, Joe  Horrocks, Carol  Hughes, Michael Allen Hunnel, Shauna R. Jackson, Arlete B. Jones, Krystal M. Kegley, Krystal M. Kegley, Amy L. LaMarca, Alicia E. Landes, Jacquelyn H. Marinucci, Theresa L. Maske, Christian M. Mazzoleni, Chantel Lynne McKinley, Margaret L. Murphy, William  Negron Jr, Brian T. Orrock, Michael J. Packard, David T. Phillips, Daniel S. Powell, Sharon E. Rawlins, Jason D. Rector, Sarah M. Ritchie, Mindi E. Rival, Ever Yim P. Rivera, Nadia S. Rizvi, Patrick D. Ryan, Frances V. Sherman, Anthony J. Silver, Melissa A. Sloan, Candice M. Smith, Christopher B. Stanley, Kathryn E. Starr, Lakeithia G. Stoves-Tucker, Shelby A. Taylor, Jennifer Nicole Van Renan, Jesse B. Vanous, Kelli  Weir, Marsha M. Wine and Melissa B. Zimmerman

Family and friends celebrate with graduates.

Family and friends celebrate with graduates.

Graduates with Bachelor of Professional Studies degrees:

Gerald L. Anderson, Rebecca G. Bedsaul, Jennifer A. Benson, Christopher J. Brown, Jesse B. Carpenter, Patricia J. Childs, Diane M. Cox, Sandi L. Dodd, Michael A. Eaton, Mary V. Grice, Donna V. Jackson, Brian C. Johnson, Paul L. Johnson, Shana M. Keith, Jasmine Kline, David J. Moore, Kim M. Moore, Belinda E. Polk, William Pritchett, Phousoune Sanixay, Kami A. Tolson, Michelle R. Vogt, Sharifa Washington, Bryan D. Woolner and Michael Zayas.

Graduates with Bachelor of Science degrees:

John C. Adams, Sarah B. Alberastine, Ailyn M. Allen, Kyle S. Allen, Norah R. Almahdali, Samuel B. Anderson, Christopher M. Annesi, Krista L. Anthony, Audrey E. Antinozzi, Amanda N. Argeny, Spencer E. Atkinson, Brendan F. Auman, Samantha L. Bagbey, Elizabeth H. Baker, Lucy K. Baker, Molly E. Baldovin, Molly M. Banfield, Leane J. Baramki, Kimberly F. Barkley, Meredith L. Barnhill, Jennifer L. Bartelmes, David R. Barth, Desiree A. Batkins, Gregory A. Baugher, Gillian K. Becker, Dayna L. Beckham, Adrianne G. Bell, Nathan J. Bemis, Candice M. Benshoff, Ian M. Berry, Kathleen M. Bettencourt, Tanvi Bhatia, Jennifer M. Black, Anne E. Blaine, Benjamin J. C. Blalock, Geanina M. Blankenship, Glenna D. Blasi, Elizaveta V. Blasser, Eric A. Blease, Dafna A. Bliss, Erin E. Boggs, Taylor R. Bono, Dane R. Bouck, Amanda M. Bowers, William R. Boyle, Jeffrey D. Branson, Peter P. Brig, Alexander M. Brito, Benjamin W. Britten, Austin M. Brooks, Kinzie Leigh Brooks, Morgan M. Brown, Steven J. Brown, Daniel E. Browne, Stephanie R. Brownley, Jonathan H. Brueneman, Randi D. Bryan, Ashley L. Buxton, Patrick W. Byrne, Carolyn S. Calderbank, Kristen A. Callahan, Ian W. Cameron, Enrique Cancel-Vargas, Daniela Cardona, Samantha O. Carlson, Samuel G. Carolus-Hager, David T. Carpenter, Catherine A. Chase, Feng Xiang Chen, Mary I. Chessman, Nicholas N. Chiles, Brayhan Chirinos, Omio Chowdhury, Grace K. Christenson, Andrew M. Clark, Jordan E. Clelan, Lauren M. Cleland, Christian D. Clift, Shannon S. Coleman, Kourtney M. Colley, Jacob C. Conover, Rebecca K. Conway, Sean T. Cook, Lauren A. Cormier, Alyssa M. Correa, Michael S. Crawford, Timothy J. Cretney, Alexandra W. Cropp, Candace E. Cross, Heather M. Curry, Brianna M. D’Agata, Ariel M. Davati, Jeff E. Davidson, Rebecca S. Davidson, Adam A. Davila, Emily A. Davis, Kyle G. Davitt, Jennifer C. Dawson, Jenna deCastro, Kelsey A. Dekker, Dominique A. Delfino, Zack L. DelGrosso, Marc A. Dellacanonicam, Sarah E. Dengler, Glen B. Denning, Frank V. DePaola, Feben A. Desta, Danielle C. DeVille, Gabrielle D. DeVincenzo, Luke M. Dick, Katherine M. Diemer, Quentin J. Dill, Lindsay A. Dillard, Aby Diop, Sarah K. Dister, Joseph R. Djorup, Jessica A. Dochney, David E. Domanski, Alison H. Downie, Kimberly Driskell, Samuel E. du Busc, Shelby L. Duff, Michael C. Dunlap, Caroline M. Dunn, Stephanie A. Durand, Dalton R. Echard, Lavar C. Edmonds, Amanda R. Edwards, Samantha N. Ehlers, David R. Elliott, Hannah E. Ellis, Frances I. Ellmo, Nicole E. Erickson, Robert K. Ericson, Hallie M. Ertel, Paul D. Espino, Jonathan J. Esposito, Sarah E. Eubanks, Sara E. Eutsler, Lina M. Ewell, Emily M. Farnsworth, Kaycee E. Faunce, Lauren N. Fawcett, Caroline M. Fermoselle, Caroline E. Filippone, Bryan S. Finch, Sean C. Finnerty, Chelsea L. Fisher, Forrest J. Fisher, Brian A. Fleury, Maura C. Flynn, Elicia D. Franchini, Piero A. Franco Villalobos, Benjamin J. Frazier, Corinne A. Fredrickson, Jessica M. Fry, Megan K. Full, Andrew O. Gabany, Paige N. Gaddy, Julia L. Gattuso, Catherine Gauthier, Kyle A. Genovese, Amy C. Gerrard, Megan E. Gersbeck, Ayida Y. Getachew, Alexander C. Gilley, Tabitha R. Glinski, Hester E. Godfrey, Sean K. Gould, David M. Graf, Katie M. Graff, Kevin M. Graham, Sarah E. Graham, Secylia L. Gray, Elizabeth D. Green, Elizabeth E. Greene, Madeline J. Grey, Kelly A. Griffith, Christine L. Grilliot, Peter J. Guerber, Philip T. Hadwin, Charlotte J. Hagerman, Gregory J. Hajduk, Deniz E. Halici, Felicia R. Haller, Felicia R. Hamn, Lara W. Hampson, Jacob E. Hargis, Heather L. Harper, Mehdi I. Hasan, Shareefa E. Hassan, Janie C. Hayden, Karen A. Hayes, Angela M. Headley, Sean P. Healy, Carolyn M. Heck, Jonathan D. Hellberg, David W. Heller, Timothy L. Henderson, Erik G. Hennigar, Shannon A. Henry, Excy A. Herrera, Molly A. Hicks, Andrew D. Hill, Laidy M. Hinojosa-Mejia, Phillip L. Hitt, Marcellus T. Holley, Jeneka M. Holmes, Jessica D. Horne, Wesley A. Horton, Kelly M. Horvath, Wesley P. Host, Lemuel C. Houston, Alysha M. Howar, Casey L. Howren, Carolyn M. Huynh, Mark D. Hyland, Ahmed M. Ibrahim, Caroline B. Isaacson, Safwaan U. Islam, Alicia N. Izaguirre, Samuel S. Jackson, Ivy D. Jacobs, Stephen S. James, Robert D. Jarvis, Eric M. Johnson, Samuel H. Johnson, Brian A. Johnston, Aaron S. Kalman, Melanie R. Katz-Lawton, Foster T. Kelly, William J. Kelly, Prakriti Khanal, Curtis P. Kincaid, Christopher B. King, Sara T. Kirsch, Susanna N. Kirschner, Eric M. Knapp, Taylor L. Knight, Nicholas A. Kolenko, Peyton D. Kremer, Keith G. Kritzberg, Lauren M. Kruczynski, Katelyn L. Kuykendall, Todd D. Lancaster, William K. Langston, Alexander J. H. Larmour, Kathryn E. Latshaw, Dane M. Lawhorne, Cooper H. Lawton, Vi T. Le, Lainey M. Le Blanc, Laurie A. Leaman, Yun-Sun Lee, Chelsea J. LeHew, Danica R. Leninsky, Darrylann Lenoard, Kristin M. Leubner, Annika C. Lewis, Sean M. Lewis, Valerie J. Lewitus, Alyssa C. Lieurance, Joseph S. Liner, Rachel E. Lipkowitz, Daniel W. Lipscomb, Madeline B. Lord, Kerri M. Loving, Justin D. Loyd, Daniel L. Lustig, Jesse R. Lynch, Andrew B. MacKnight, Michelle M. Maestre-Areizaga, Hyrum J. Magnusson, Redmond L. Manierre, Rebecca E. Marshall, Tammy M. Marshall, Joseph R. Marson, Miranda V. Martin, William L. Martin, Edward Martinez, Wendy P. Martinez-Villa, Sarah R. Marzec, Hannah J. Mason, Nikki L. Maticic, Ana M. Matiz, Brieneke K. Matthes, Kristen D. Maxwell, Austin B. Mayhugh, Madalene O. McAllister, Audrey L. McAvoy, Katherine H. McCarty, Ashley S. McConnaughy, Sarah E. McCue, Colin M. McElhinny, Maggie E. McGraw, Gautam Mehra, Jessica M. Melvin, Luke M. Mendelsohn, Mauricio E. Menendez, Mary E. Meola, Allan J. Meyer, Ian F. Millar, Amanda P. Miller, Andrew S. Miller, Brennan W. Miller, Daniel E. Miller, Haris M. Mirzada, Mohamed T. Moaz, Peter D. Moerman, David H. Moeslein, Brandie M. Monroe, Carter E. Moore, Christopher M. Moulton, Kelsey A. Moxey, Nathaniel E. Moyar, Patrick B. Mullen, Abigya T. 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Proctor, Carol L. Quinn, Abdullah Rahmanyar, Anika I. Raja, Sarah E. Rankin, Lindsay A. Raulston, Rachel N. Reaves, Charles J. Reed, Nataly Revollo, Colleen E. Reynolds, Erin E. Reynolds, Julia R. Reynolds, Alexander A. L. Ricart, Anna M. Richman, Holly E. Richters, Nefertty Rivas, Rachel A. Robbins, Wesley J. Roberts, Jessica A. Robinson, Kathleen J. Rockis, Deborah L. Roets, Edward E. Roget, Anna N. Rollins, Erin P. Ronayne, Jessica P. Rorabaugh, Olivia H. Rosales, Candace P. Rothermel, Mary M. Rubin, Meliza A. Rubinos, Daniel J. Russell, Mark C. Russo, Justin E. Sahs, Varun Saxena, Luke D. Schneider, Rachael E. Scholl, Kristen E. Schuetz, Colin J. Schulz, Samantha N. Sexton, Robert W. Sharp, William H. Sharp, Emily M. Shea, Raihana Sherdil, Emily R. Sherman, Jessica L. Singer, Rachel M. Sisk, Roxette M. Sklavos, Matthew D. Slagle, Jacob P. Smith, Kelly J. Smith, Priscilla M. Smith, David W. Snellings, Jordan T. Snyder, Seyoon T. Sohn, Christopher J. Somerville, Jared B. 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Winner, Ian J. Wise, Simone L. Woodward, John M. C. Wooten, Sally E. Wrenn, Brett A. Wynn, Usman Zafar, Kayla Zahrn, Alyssa G. Zarzecki, Emily A. Zaylor and Daniel S. Zimmerman.

UMW Graduates Class of 2013 in 102nd Commencement

The University of Mary Washington graduated a total of 1,273 students during its 102nd commencement in a graduate ceremony on Friday, May 10 at 7:30 p.m. in the William M. Anderson Center and in an undergraduate ceremony on Saturday, May 11 at 9 a.m. in Ball Circle on the university’s Fredericksburg campus.

The university awarded 85 Master of Business Administration degrees, 111 Master of Education degrees, 15 Master of Science in Management Information Systems, 34 Master of Science in Elementary Education Degrees, 418 Bachelor of Arts degrees, 61 Bachelor of Liberal Studies degrees, 63 Bachelor of Professional Studies degrees and 484 Bachelor of Science degrees. Two graduates received both the MBA and the MSMIS in a dual-degree program.

Graduates with a Master of Business Administration degree:

Modupe D. Abbey-Bada, Sheyla B. Allen, Stacy Anderson, Richmond Ansong, Balvant P. Arora, Shirley Gyamfua Asamoah, Joshua H. Baldwin, Adam Frederick Bartsch, Amanda N. Bate, Ashley D. Benson, Joseph E. Berger, Katherine M. Bertolet, Lauren Marie Besser, Joan M. Bienvenue, Jill Victoria Black, Steven M. Blais, Andrei V. Bondarenko, Anthony D. Briscoe, Billy L. Brown, Charles L. Brown, Michelle J. Brown, Christine M. Broyhill, Johnathon R. Byers, Stephanie L. Calaman, Roger B. Carr, Chimere J. Carroll, Sara E. Chiappini, Michael Kevin Cockrell, Jeffrey V. Coppola, Elaine Ann Corey, David G. Craft, Maty Diop, Kevin B. Donahue, Georgina J. Edwards, Jennifer L. Freeland, Quincey A. Garcia, Phimphone  Gilberry, Travis L. Glenn, Paul M. Griggs, Craig S. Hamilton, Joshua R. Hefner, Karisma J. Horne, Stephanie L. Jennings, John A. Johnson, Kelli Elizabeth Kehoe, Sarah Jeannette Kersey, Treneze D. Lacy, Jonathan William Lawson, Angel Luis Luciano Gonzalez, Doreatha J. Major, Brian E. Mask, Daniel F. Masters, Matthew Stephen May, Laura A. McCauley, Carly Raine Medosch, Colleen Anne O’Connor, Godfred A. Opong, Cheryl A. Orr, Abibou Oussantidja, Brittney J. Parker, Donald Sean Patterson, Sheila A. Porter, Cynkita N. Rasberry, Edwin A. Rasberry, Bryan Thomas Reddan, Kelly Katherine Sienkowski, Michael O. Sienkowski, Denise M. Simmons, Chantel M. Simms, Katherine E. Spooner, Quanika M. Thomas, James P. Thompson, Rahiem G. Tracey, Timothy M. Van Drew, GraceAnne G. Veen, April B. Wheeler, Yolanda C. White, Brittany B. Willis, Francis Wilson, Richard T. Zinky.

Graduates with Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Management Information Systems degrees:

 Erin Michelle Brooks and Gabor Kmety.

Graduates with a Master of Education degree:

Samantha N. Albright, Meghen M. Alvarado, Caroline H. Anderson, Christine Lam Apperson, Huda H. Ayub, Frederick William Blackburn, Tally Tracy Alison Botzer, Whitney V. Bowler, Ashley L. Bratchie, Ian E. R. Burke, Heather H. Campbell, Michelle I. Castillo, Laura Ellen Caton, Dana M. Cazan, Jessica B. Conlon, Carol C. Cresson, Joy M. Crist, Alexander M. Culbreth, Harrietta D. Cush, Kristyn A. Dawson, Allison Lynn DiPippa, Sarah S. Duffy, Michelle L. Duke, Lindsay M. Easley, Aubrey J. Elliott, Allison M. Esposito, Jessica Cornwell Evans, Christine L. Fasick, Kelli E. Fern, Amanda G. Flanagan, Tonsolia L. Folson, Carla N. Gerlach, Shelly L. Ghazzaoui, Michelle F. Gonzalez, Margaret C. Guajardo, Audrey L. Hamilton, Jennette C. Hanneman, Justin T. Harding, Tara Weatherholtz Higgins, Carol A. Hostetter, Ana R. Howard, Stacey Wood Joedicke, Carmen M. Johnson, Thomas S. Johnson, Wendie L. Johnston, David C. Johnstone, Michael K. Joos, Jillyne B. Keene, Lindsey L. Kennedy, Zoltan  Kerestely, Phillip K. Kight, Stephanie A. Kinard, Ulrike E. Lamb, Megan E. Lamb, Julia E. Lanzarone, Christopher D. Lembo, Julia A. Lookabill, Brittney S. Lovitt, Charlotte A. Maalouf, Leslie A McKenrick, Jon P. Meister, Ashley L. Meranta, Megan C. Miller, Victoria C. Moody, Alison C. Moss, Lindsay Celine Muyard, Sarah K. Naeger, Emily A. Noordhuizen, Rachel C. Novak, Mary C. Noxon, Kelly A. O’Grady, Heather R. Palma, Nina Michelle Passmore, Anna Penniman, Erin E. Porter, Rosa Maria Pugsley, Patricia Elizabeth Ramirez, Sylvia K. Raniella, Margaret A. Ray, Sarah A. Rose, Nancy B. Samuels, Carol Ann Schuster, Daniel D. Shaw, Sahng G. Shim, Birgit T. Shipman, Sylvia A. Sierra, Mary M. Sisson, Cherie A. Skrinski, Jenna Marie Snider, Amy Todd Snyder, Christopher C. Steenbuck, Jeff C. Stillwell, Shannon M. Strait, Megan A. Struder, Daniel C. Styer, Tiffany M. Suggs, Heather M. Thompson, William L. Timmons, Melissa L. Tirone, Cheryl R. Tolbert, Erin M. Toler, Haley Ann Torrey, Timothy A. Tryon, Sarah R. Watson, Brent W. Weiss, Hilda Isabel Williams, Laramie A. Wilson, Michael S. Wolf, Blake C. Wood, Andrea G. Wright.

Graduates with a Master of Science in Management Information Systems degree:

George R. Amols, Keith J. Brennan, Wallace E. Burrus, Raul J. Delgado, Jon S. Engle, John F. Gresham, Melissa D. Hughes, Ronaldo G. Johnston, Erin R. Loar, Timothy R. Monaghan, Tellers Jerome Pollard, Chanthay Sirikool, Joseph A. Yanci.

UMW graduated a total of 1275 students graduated in ceremonies on May 10-11.

Graduates with a Master of Science in Elementary Education degree:

Lucinda B. Booth, Rebecca K. Brooks, Rebecca A. Campbell, Hannah S. Carloni, Deztinie R. Carter, Andrea M. Castro, Emily A. Duggins, Caitlin M. Gleason, Kelsey A. Hilton, Julianne G. Huyett, Laura A. Johnson, Jamia N. Jordan, Georgia Karellas, Catherine D. Kennedy, Jesse B. Long, Rachel B. Luehrs, Amanda C. Manno, Sarah E. Manuel, Joseph B. Martin, Danielle E. Minter, Kathryn N. O’Keefe, Connor R. Pratt, Shannon M. Riley, Grace H. Rosales, Dorothy M. Sandridge, Michaela D. Sands, Michelle L. Seal, Ashlee N. Sisson, Abbey D. Vinik, Katelynn E. Wheeler, Kelsey L. Williams, Kristin E. Witek, Gloria M. Yi.

Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree:

Joshua M. Abbott, Aimee M. Abdelrahman, Denise J. Acors, Yasaman Aghaeinejad, Zarar Ahmed, Andrea J. Allen, Alexa R. Andersen, Chad E. Anglin, Josephine A. Appiah, Alexandra  Augustine, Bridget A. Balch, Charlotte E. Ball, Christine R. Barnes, Kaitlin M. Barrell, Mitchell P. Bass, Stephanie J. Battleson, Kylie D. Beard, Shelby T. Beatty, Robert T. Belcourt, Lara K. Belfield, Nancy L. Belle, Christina M. Bendo, Caroline M. Benner, Rory S. Bennett, Ana R. Bice, Cierra L. Biel, Scott R. Birney, Jane C. Bishop, Callie Nicole Bitter, Allison S. Blanck, Kevin P. Boilard, Carly  Boucher, William T. Bowman, Taylor M. Brannan, Catherine A. Brau, Elizabeth N. Brennan, Emily J. Brenton, Andrew T. Bretton, Lillian R. Briedis-Ruiz, Bianca I. Brown, Rebecca E. Brown, Justin M. Broyles, Lori E. Buchanan, Jillian E. Burke, Neil T. Burke, Laura Y. Burton, Emily C. Butler, Elisabeth C. Butler, Haley E. Campbell, Eva B. Campbell, Catherine A. Carbone, Alexander J. Carlson, Rebecca F. Carneal, Arielle S. Carrick, Katherine L. Casey, Gustavo E. Castillo, Lindsey O. Catlett, Elizabeth A. Caufield, Nicole M. Cerniglia, Taylor R. Chadman, William M. Chaloner, Jack S. Charlton, Corinne J. Chatnik, Adriana Christesen, Grace C. Cobbins, Christine E. Cook, Haley C. Cook, Marcella E. Cook, Meghan A. Cooke, Kevin P. Corcoran, Gwendolyn B. Corkill, Karla T. Cornelio, Michael E. Corrigan, Samantha M. Corron, Jessica N. Cox, Kaitlyn N. Crotty, Rachel K. Crow, Alexandra U. Crowder, James B. Cruz, Jennifer A. Crystle, Jessica I. Cuellar, Kenneth C. Cunningham, Anna E. Damewood, Rita E. Daniel, Theresa J. Davidson, Devon L. Davis, Wolana A. Day, Emily E. DelRoss, Mariela E. DeMaio, Brittany E. DeVries, Chelsea J. Dicus, Caroline M. Dixon, Casey L. Dodrill, Kevin F. Donahue, Amy C. Dowd, Lauren E. Dry, Emily A. Duquette, Carol R. Dye, Matthew E. Eby, Linda M. Eckley, Taylor E. Eidt, Ahmed A. Elkheshin, Cheryl J. Elliott, Patricia S. Elliott, Leah A. Embrey, Ronald L. Evans, Hallie D. M. Feingold, Zachary S. Feinstein, Anissa R. Felix, Zachary C. Fichter, Mattson C. Fields, Alyssa N. Fisher, Kelly J. Fitzgibbon, Somer L. Flanagan, Catherine M. Fletcher, Bronwyn A. Flores, Mayra D. Flores-Valverde, Sarah A. Foote, Trey S. B. Foster, Andrew O. Freakley, Kyle M. Freelander, Tracy A. Frelk, Josh R. Furnary, Megan C. Gallagher, Maria K. Galuszka, Ashley A. Gaston, Kathryn K. Generelli, Katherine A. Gerbes, Melissa G. Getz, Paige A. Gibbons, Katherine S. Gibson, Katherine A. Giessel, Chelsea R. Givler, Michaela P. Godfrey, Laura A. Gomez, Jazmine S. Gordon, Heather M. Gorell, Sara E. Grannis, Anne R. Grasselli, Alexandra C. Green, Amy R. Gutmann, Anthony S. Hahn, Anne-Elisabeth C. Halbert, Stephanie A. Hall, Marie E. Hamilton, Rachel S. Hanigan, Noel B. Hardesty, Morgan G. Harding, Benjamin A. Harmon, RaShonda S. Harvey, Juwamer A. Hawrami, Faye D. Haymond, Ashley L. Hess, Evan T. Hicks, Candace J. Hicks, Brittany A. Hill, Erin M. Hill, Jonathan J. Hink, James R. Hitch, Lauren A. Hoban, Katrina C. Hobbs, Meghan M. Hobbs, Molly E. Hodges, Meagan M. Holbrook, Anna K. Holman, Megan C. Honour, Charlotte N. Hoskins, Kevin R. Hughes, Isabel M. Ibrahim, Rachel E. Icard, Ashley R. Jackson, Lauren E. Jaminet, Kim L. Jemaine, Nathan J. Jennings, Charlotte A. Johnson, Jeffrey R. Johnson, Katherine W. Johnson, Kyle P. Johnson, Anna C. Joppich, Brittany C. Kahn, Alicia D. Kallen, Hannah C. Kassebaum, Paige E. Kaufman, Morgan R. Kay, Paul F. Keily, Nancy E. Kelce, Sarah N. Kelly, Katherine E. Kendall, Kendra M. Kern, Michael W. Kessler, Amber D. Koonce, Paulina C. Kosturos, Robin L. Kresge, Gabrielle R. Kuhn, William S. Kyle, Kristen A. Lamb, Rebecca E. Lamm, Devin S. LaMoy, Joseph S. Langenberg-Manson, Kellan G. Latif, Kathryn A. Latimer, Hannah M. Laughlin, Cullen J. Lawlor, Alessendro Lee, Joshua J. Lemmert, Joy K. Lenau, Andrew J. Leonard, Victoria A. Leonard, Gregory E. Lesnewich, Aaron G. Leung, Julia R. Lipe, Jessica D. Lockwood, Marlene T. Logan, Joseph M. LoMonaco, Alexandra E. Long, Kerry D. Longbottom, Elizabeth Lopez, Anna L. Lowery, Eniya K. Lufumpa, Christopher W. Lutz, William E. Lynch, Mary E. Mace, Nicollo S. Madden, Fairuz M. Maggio, Paola A. Maldonado-Torres, Joshua T. Mallow, Marie-Claire L. Mandolia, Colin M. Manning, Devon J. Maresco, Kylie J. Martin, Sierra D. Martin, Cristina Martinez, Kathleen C. Mastropaolo, Erica G. Mathews, Kelsey B. Matthews, Chelsea M. Mays, Alexandra E. McClellan, Patricia C. McCloy, Ryan G. McClure, Carley A. McCready, Madeline M. McDonald, Rebecca R. McGillicuddy, Daniel P. McGuire, Kelly E. McKenna, Christina L. McKitrick, Margaret A. McMillan, Kagan E. McSpadden, Kathleen A. Mead, Jennifer L. Metesh, Matthew L. Meyer, Katherine L. Miceli, Michelle L. Miller, Catherine E. Mohr, Emily T. Montgomery, James R. Montgomery, Mary E. Moody, Katherine M. Moran, Camille E. Morgan, Hannah C. Moser, Anna E. Moulis, Haley A. Muller, Peter L. Mumford, James R. Myers, Kasey A. Nabal, Jessica K. Napier, Chelsea L. Neal, Kathleen D. Nelson, Dahlia M. Nelson, Emily W. Nicolaides, Michael P. Nolan, Christine M. Nolan, Jacqueline H. Nova, Jessica E. O’Connell, Kathleen L. O’Dea, Alexander M. Olah, Whitney L. Oliver, Lauren V. Olsen, Meghan G. Olson, Erin K. O’Neill, John W. Orr, Riham A. Osman, Kathleen A. O’Toole, Julia M. Pannewitz, Elizabeth M. Paredes, Sarah H. Park, Brooke N. Parker, Susanna R. Parmelee, Katherine L. Partenheimer, Paige M. Paterno, Jessica L. Patterson, Rebecca S. Pearlstein, Amanda J. A. Pegeron, Stacey E. Peros, Kristen C. Perry, Whitney B. Peters, Svyatoslav K. Petrov, Kristina Cooper Pistochini, Alexandra Plotnikov, Taylor A. Poindexter, Kristen E. Poland, Rebecca M. Poole, Petia P. Popova, Michael M. Powers, Katherine E. Preseren, Daniel C. Price, Caroline M. Primus, Britnae A. Purdy, Christopher N. Purvis, Rachel S. Raiford, Francisco R. Ramirez Hernandez, Aakash S. Ramsay, Philip M. Revak-Green, Amalia E. Richards, Hannah E. Ridenour, Rebecca A. Riggleman, David A. Ritter, Millicent Ruby Roane, William T. Roark, Isabela D. Roberts, Kristen H. Roberts, Samuel P. Rodgers, Suzanne F. Rodgers, Charlotte A. Rodina, Abigail C. Rogers, Katherine A. Roper, Eric M. Rosenzweig, Katherine H. Rowe, Julia  Ruane, Daniel J. Ryer, Sarah A. Sanders, Cammie J. Satter, Angele L. Saunders, Nyema E. Sayed, Katherine S. Schenck, Brian C. Schippers, Catherine Schlupp, Quincy S. Schmidt, Tiffany C. Sharpe, Margaret E. Shaw, Rachael D. Sheaffer, Daniel A. Shebib, Calvin P. Sherwood, Andrew A. Shipman, Patrick W. Shugrue, Sjrsten K. Siegfried, TyShawnda Gabrielle Silver, Kendall R. Simonpietri, Sean R. Simons, Rachel W. Sipe, Katherine T. Sleyman, Kaitlin C. Smart, Ellen E. Smethurst, Jared M. Smith, Alexander T. Smith, Anna R. Smith, Krysha A. Snyder, Natalie A. Snyder, Catherine R. Somerville, Lonnie A. Southall, Alex P. Spangler, Jonathan G. Spees, Amy L. Stevens, Kathryn L. Stiltz, Emma K. Stotz, Shelby L. Strother, Tayler M. Stuger, Jennifer E. Sustar, Sarah E. Tagg, Kathryn T. Tarr, Hayley S. Taylor, Tekla L. Taylor, Bess B. Ten Eyck, Ashley N. Tensley, Emily K. Thomas, Morgan D. Thompson, Ryan C. Thompson, Jeremy S. Thompson, Rachel H. Tippett, Aissata Traore, Michelle T. Triolo, Caleb J. Trudeau, Chelsea M. Tufarolo, Robert E. Tyszka, Rakmoth A. Ullah, Rachel E. Underwood, Alexander L. Van Beek, Cassidy A. Vanbeek, Christian A. Vega, Thalia G. Veizaga, Mark H. Victorson, Samantha L. Vreeland, Kay M. Washechek, Melinda K. Watanabe, Alice C. Watkins, Robert M. Wease, Sarabeth H. Webb, Hannah E. Weeks, Ashley E. Weiss, Emily C. Werner, Heidi E. Westervelt, Isaac R. Whalen, Derek S. Whitaker, John L. White, Andrew L. Whitfield, Amanda K. Wikle, Kelsey E. Wilson, Matthew I. Winstanley, Jeffrey W. Winter, Kelsey N. Witt, Hunter P. Wootten, Richard C. Wyrough, Wiaam S. Yasin, Leah R. K. Yegneswaran, Ana Z. Yildirim, Clemon Tsai Yueh, Aqsa  Zafar.

Graduates with a Bachelor of Science degree:

 Rediet A. Abate, Daniel C. Abbondanzo, Ragaa H. Abdulmoniem, Brandee L. Adams, Tolani L. Adebanjo, Zaira Ahmad, Ahmed Abdelaziz Ahmed, Minji Ahn, Bethany M. Akers, Samuel P. Alarif, Cinthya K. Alberto, Phillip A. Allison, Amy L. Allshouse, Matthew J. Alter, Lindsay M. Ancellotti, Jeffrey W. Apperson, Kevin M. Aquino, Kara N. Arbogast, Margaret L. Auer, Gina T. Ayers, Elizabeth S. Backman, Meagan L. Bailey, Jose E. Baires, Mark K. Baker, Briana L. Baldino, Ryan T. Baldwin, Mary T. W. Ball, Samantha A. Batchelor, Daniel F. Begg, Eric S. Behringer, Andrew M. Beichler, Victoria E. Bennett, Michael A. Biller, Karly A. Bilotta, Clarke D. Birrell, Marjorie C. Blanton, Kathleen O. Blevins, Lordina A. Boakye, Rhoda A. Boateng, Kate E. Boggs, Vanessa D. Boosahda, Stephanie Boudreau, Cassandra N. Bowman, Amber E. Bowman, Leslie A. Boyette, Ryan N. Brady, Hannah K. Brady, Luke R. Bressan, Kayla E. Bretzin, Kendall M. Britt, Kwadwo B. Brobbey, Colleen S. Brooke, Kelly M. Brown, Ashley M. Bruce, Joseph W. Bryan, Alexander H. Bryant, Morgan P. Bryson, Andrew S. Buckner, Amanda L. Buckner, Angela Bui, Liana C. Burgoyne, Kerry A. Busby, Ashley M. Buske, Rachel A. Byrd, Brittany L. Byrd, Kathryn T. Callaghan, Lauren M. Callison, Desireé M. Caminos, Loriel A. Campbell, Joseph M. Carleton, Michael A. Carlo, Mae A. Carpenter, Raven C. Carroll, Ann M. Carroll, Joyneé T. Carter, Muhammad S. Casim, Rossanna M. M. Catahan, Chelsea M. Chamberlain, Cindy G. Chavez, Ranithra Loshana Chelliah, Kevin M. Cherniawski, Chloe O. Childers, Monica S. Chiu, Erica D. Christian, Stewart A. Chritton, Robert P. Clark, Elyse V. Clark, Leslie P. Clark, Nicole L. Cochran, Meagan E. Cohee, Andrew T. Cole, Lindsey R. Cooper, Kristina B. Cosner, Jared T. Covington, Matthew L. Cronin, Lauren N. Crowl, David T. Crump, Christine M. Cumbia, Sean M. Dacey, Angela C. Damergis, David H. Daube, Sophia A. Dauphin, Kathlean V. Davis, Kianna N. Davis, Sarah E. Davis, Jessica M. Davis-Lee, Kelsey E. DeJarnette, Carly C. Del Buono, Emmalee E. Denkler, Morgan A. dePaulo, Kelsey M. Deppe, Karen S. Devigili, Avery M. Dice, Laura A. Dick, Kathryn E. Dillinger, Kathryn E. Dillon, Teresa P. DiTirro, Shalini Divitotawela, Kelly R. Dolan, Daniel R. Dowdy, Maura E. Downey, Morgan E. Downing, Brittany N. Dray, Valerie T. Drogo, Katherine J. Dubrowski, Andrew P. Duckett, Rachel L. Duffy, Marycella R. Dumlao, Marcey A. Dunlap, Sarah E. Dye, Nicholas K. Eckhoff, Emily M. Edgerton, Rachel C. Eiker, Thomas J. Eldridge, Keri L. Eller, Ashley T. Elliott, Patrick T. Emsley, Waleed Ershad, Malalai M. Ferdawsey, Amalia A. Fernandez, Allison M. Fifer, Paul W. Flather, Michael G. Florence, Jessica L. Foss, Natalie J. Fraize, Chloe W. Fusselman, William B. Gallop, Lauren E. Garay, Andrew J. Garofolo, Keith C. Gatzke, Marissa E. Gaven, Ashlande Gelin, Abigail E. Gellene, Florence R. George, Caitlyn E. George, Danielle M. Gershowitz, Darren M. Getts, Claire E. Gianelle, Shawn M. Gillis, Graham E. 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Graduates with a Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree:

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Graduates with a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree:

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