June 25, 2024

Eagle Landing/Eagle Village Parking Information

On 10/1, the management of Eagle Landing will begin enforcing towing of vehicles parked in the lots overnight as well in cases of flagrant violations of the agreed upon parking uses.  This is applicable to every single person at UMW and is important that everyone understand and abide by the agreements in place.

For ALL UMW community members:

  • All surface parking spaces behind and next to Eagle Landing, the first two floors of the parking garage and all surface spaces in the Eagle Village retail lot are intended for retail and office clients and office staff ONLY.  These are NOT UMW parking spaces.
  • Anyone parking in the surface lots who is not a retail customer will be towed at the owner’s expense.  Additionally, all cars parked overnight in the Eagle Village development will be towed at the owner’s expense.

For students residing at Eagle Landing:

  • All Eagle Landing residents with vehicles must purchase a UMW parking decal. There are two options:
    • ELEV Parking Garage levels 3, 4 and 5 – Green Decal
    • UMW Campus Parking – Yellow Decal
  • Parking for guests of Eagle Landing residents is located on the north side of the Eagle Landing building. Residents are not permitted to park in these spaces.

What this means:

  • EL students should only be parking in the ELEV deck (3,4,5 floors) or, for those with yellow decals, in UMW parking lots on campus.
  • Eagle Village (shopping center, retail space and offices of the multi-use building) extends from the south end of the complex where the Hair Cuttery and the US Post Office are located all the way around to the Multi-Use Building and includes every portion of the lot around/between such.
  • Unless you are patronizing one of the establishments (Giant, Post Office, Hair Cuttery, etc.) you should not park in the lot.  Patronizing an establishment means you park your vehicle and go into one or more of the establishments to conduct business and then depart from the lot when your business is completed.  It does not mean, for instance, parking at Giant, running in to get a salad and then leaving your vehicle parked in the lot while you walk over to campus or go to visit friends residing at EV.
  • You can and most likely will be towed if you park at EV and then depart to campus or go to  Eagle Landing.
  • Info on Towing:
    • $65 for the initial tow fee;
    • $20/day for every day past the first 24 hours that your car is in their lot;
    • $150 fee if the vehicle is left for 3 days or more.
    • Towing is done by Patriot Towing, 540-373-2220. The lot where cars are held is an unattended lot. You will need to contact Patriot to arrange for a pick-up time. Depending on circumstances, it could be 15 minutes to 2 hours before someone will be available to meet you at the lot.
    • CASH ONLY. Credit cards and checks are not accepted for towing fees.


  • Anyone parked on the first or second floor of the parking deck needs to move their car. The gates to the parking deck entrance will be activated on Monday, September 27 and any vehicle left inside will be ‘trapped’ if the owner does not have the appropriate gate operating device which is given only to those who are authorized to park in that garage or are a member of the staff of the Multi-Use Building.
  • Students residing at EL who have paid to park in the ELEV garage, must move their cars to the 3rd, 4th or 5th level. Towing will be done from the first and second levels.
  • Towing is done by a private company not contracted by or connected with UMW. UMW cannot intervene, stop them from towing, get your car back for you or assist in having the towing fees waived if you are towed.From the Offices of Public Safety/Parking Services and Residence Life
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