February 25, 2018

Preparing for the unexpected

The following message is from the UMW Department of Public Safety.

UMW strives to provide protection and preparedness for any number of potential issues on our campuses. Understandably, in the wake of the recent tragedy in Florida, our students, faculty, and staff are anxious and concerned. In these moments, we have a joint responsibility as a community to support one another and respect each others’ feelings and responses to such tragic events. Our responsibility also extends to our need to notice when members of our community are struggling. We should encourage them to seek assistance and report behaviors that seem harmful or threatening.

Anyone with acute anxiety should take advantage of services offered by the Talley Center and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Beyond that, the UMW Department of Public Safety has numerous resources available to help members of the community feel more prepared. Training is available for those who seek it; please contact the UMW Police at 540-654-1025 to arrange for training for an organization (student, faculty, or other), office, or department.

Below are links to two videos that depict a fictional representation of an active shooter scenario. They include very realistic imagery and content. Please be aware that watching these could elicit personal feelings and reactions, which is a normal response to such content.

Run Hide Fight


Crisis on Campus


Most importantly in a crisis:  Try not to panic. It is a normal human behavior to become frightened during a stressful event.

Making plans in advance and keeping your mind alert will assist in keeping you safe.  As a reminder, you may take these steps to help you in any environment in which you may experience violence:

  • RUN If possible, evacuate the area where the threat is present. Have a plan in mind and be aware of all possible escape routes. Leave all personal belongings behind. If you encounter the suspect, run in the opposite direction. If an incident is taking place outside, run in the opposite direction from the gunfire. As soon as you are safe, dial 654-4444 if you are on campus or 911 if you are in another location.
  • HIDE     If escaping is not an option, shelter in place. Shut and lock the doors. Pile large heavy objects against the doors. Stay away from the doors and walls closest to the hallway.  Shut the lights off in the room and silence your phone. Do not answer the door for anyone but law enforcement. If you are in a large open area, shelter behind large structures like concrete walls or buildings. Dial 654-4444 or 911 if/when you feel that it is safe.
  • FIGHT    This is a last resort decision. When you cannot flee and you face imminent danger, try to hide or consider playing dead. If you are stuck in a location and you know that the suspect is nearby, find objects that you can use as weapons or heavy objects, such as chairs, to throw at the suspect. If you decide to fight, commit yourself to this action. Once the aggressor is down, escape from the area as rapidly as possible.

Always follow the directions of law enforcement. In the case of an active shooter, keep your hands visible when exiting the building and seek shelter in a nearby safe location. Call for help by utilizing your cell phone or blue light phone.

Remember: Preparation now can help you respond in a frightening or dangerous moment.


Subscribe to New MyTime Minute

The UMW Payroll department is pleased to announce a new communication tool, MyTime Minute.


MyTime Minutes are quick tips and how-to’s that provide MyTime navigation support and best practices for time and leave reporting.

Subscribe to the MyTime Minute to receive email notifications when a new MyTime Minute is published.

For more information or questions related to MyTime Minute, please contact payroll@umw.edu.

If you are experiencing a technical issue with MyTime, please contact the IT Help Desk at 540-654-2255.

UMW Supplier Expo Set for March 5th

Come join us Monday, March 5th for the annual UMW Supplier Expo!

Make connections with vendors, have a light lunch provided by Sodexo, and sign in at the entrance for your chance to win one of eight $25 gift certificates to the Bookstore!

Some registered vendors include:


Allstar Photobooth

Daniel’s Promo

Massage Therapy Center

Abel Industries

Campbell’s Vending

Diamond Springs

and any more!

We hope to see you there:

Monday, March 5th, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

University Center’s Chandler Ballroom

Meal Prep 101: Giant Food Nutritionist Offers Tips

Come hear from Lindsay Pugliese, nutritionist at Giant grocery store on Tuesday, Feb. 27 from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. in Lee Hall, Room 412. Her topic will be “Meal Prep 101. ” Note: This is a new date. There will be a food tasting, coupons and recipes to give out to the audience. The event is open to all UMW students and staff.

Eagle Village Giant Food grocery store is offering a 5% discount to UMW staff and students.  You must present your Eagle One ID card and it is valid at the Eagle Village location only.

Giant also offers heart healthy store tours– see link for dates in February:  february-2018-heart-healthy-store-tours

Upcoming Fire Drills Scheduled

The Fire Safety office plans to conduct fire drills in administrative and academic buildings beginning the week of February 26th.

The schedule is listed below, showing buildings, and which week they are tentatively scheduled. The exact date and time will not be posted.

Please review the UMW Administrative and Academic Building Fire Drill Guidelines so everyone is aware of their roles and responsibilities.

The drills are in accordance with fire safety guidelines.

For questions, please contact Campus Fire Safety Officer Mike Muckinhaupt at mmuckinh@umw.edu or 654-2108.

Week 1: Feb. 26 to March 2 – Brent, GW Hall, Alumni Center, Tennis Center
Week 2: March 5 to March 9 – No Drills Scheduled
Week 3: March 12 to March 16 – Belmont, Woodard, Anderson, Goolrick, Fitness Center, Heating Plant
Week 4: March 19 to March 23 – Stafford N/S, DuPont, Ridderhoff/Martin, Trinkle, Tyler
Week 5: March 26 to March 30 – Dahlgren, Lee, Jepson Science, JMLO, Combs
Week 6: April 2 to April 6 – Fairfax, Hamlet, Monroe, Mercer, HCC
Week 7: April 9 to April 13 – 1201 William St, Pollard, Melcher, Simpson, Marye

New Freedom Meal Card Available for Faculty & Staff

Campus Dining is now offering Freedom Meal punch cards that UMW faculty and staff can use to purchase meals at the Top of the UC, or for selected Meal Deals at any of five retail dining locations.  The Meal Deal option can provide faculty and staff with a savings of anywhere from $1 to $4 or more on the purchase of food items at Qdoba, Jamba Juice, Li’l Joe’s, the Underground, and the Market at the Nest.  Each card is good for 10 meals and may be purchased at any Campus Dining location for $60.  For more information, contact Rose Benedict at 540-654-2169 or rbenedic@umw.edu.

Phishing Email Alert

On Saturday afternoon, February 3, many students and staff of the UMW community received an email titled “UMW Alert.”  This is a phishing email and not from any department at UMW.  

“Phishing” is an attempt by a hacker to trick you into giving them your username and password so they can take over your account.  This can lead to your account being used to send spam or other phishing emails.   

This was a very targeted attempt to trick users.  There are a few ways you can tell that this is not a legitimate email:


Also, if you did click the link, it took you to a FAKE UMW login page:

If you entered your UMW NetID and Password on this FAKE page, please change your password immediately by following these steps:

  1. Click the “Passwords” icon at the top of the UMW home page.
  2. Click “Change Your NetID Password.”
  3. Follow the instructions to reset your NetID password.  Note the password rules on the right side of the page.

If you cannot change your password, or have any other questions or concerns about this email, please email the Help Desk at helpdesk@umw.edu, or leave a voicemail at 540-654-2255.


457 Deferred Compensation Specialist Onsite

  Please contact Denise Frye (dfrye2@umw.edu ) with any questions.

 To:  457 Deferred Compensation, Hybrid and DCP (ORPHE)  Participants

 Our Plan Specialist will be on campus in GW106 on the following days for 2018, please click the link and register for you appointment:

  • Wednesday, March 14th,
  • Thursday, March 29th
  • Friday, June 1st,
  • Wednesday, September 12th, and
  • Thursday, December 6th 

Registration can be made at: https://icmarc.secure.force.com/events?SiteId=a0lf1000006PZv8AAG

One-on-One Consultations with our Plan Specialist include the following and will help you gain awareness of the benefits of the defined contribution plans:

Managing your account online

Reviewing your contributions

Investment awareness

Beneficiary review

KEEP READING BELOW for more….!!!

Great News!!!  Introducing the new VRS DCP mobile app

This app offers you the opportunity to manage and boost your investment knowledge on the go.  The app is for iPhones, Android smartphones, and tablets. 

Download the VRS DCP Mobile app now! 

VRS Defined Contribution Plans Educational Seminars are currently being held around the state of Virginia. The meetings are open to employees eligible to participate in the VRS Defined Contribution Plans.  Our group meetings address the highlights and features of our plans, overall investment options, and distribution strategies for those employees approaching retirement  Advance registration is requested for all sessions and individual consultations.    Also, our Investor Services Team is available between the hours of 8:30 am – 9:00 pm Monday through Friday at 1-877-327-5261 (Option 1) to assist with participant concerns. 

To register for the meeting(s) for the 457 Deferred Compensation, including ROTH  and Virginia Cash Match Plans, please click here

To register for the meeting(s) for the Hybrid Defined Contribution Plans, click on the following link View Hybrid Retirement Plan group seminars and one-on-one consultations

VRS Defined Contribution Plans (DCP) are currently conducting Live Webinars on a regular basis throughout the year for you.  The webinars are open to all employees eligible to participate in or currently participating in one or more of the VRS Defined Contribution Plans.   

Here is the link to our Upcoming 457 Deferred Compensation and Virginia Cash Match Live Webinars as well as Upcoming Hybrid Defined Contribution Component Live Webinars that will assist with the overall understanding of the plans.

Additional informational links:

COV 457 – http://www.varetirement.org/dcp/plan-info/overview.html

COV Roth 457 – http://www.varetirement.org/dcp/plan-info/roth-contributions.html

COV Cash Match- http://www.varetirement.org/cashmatch/plan-info/overview.html

Hybrid Retirement – http://www.varetirement.org/hybrid/plan-info/plan-provisions.html

DCP – http://www.varetirement.org/orphedcp/plan-info/overview.html






Careers-Student Module Adopted

Over the past several months the Office of Financial Aid has worked with Human Resources and PeopleAdmin to set up the Careers-Student Module. This set up included departments completing job descriptions to be used in building the position description library. Careers will now house all of the job advertisements for the University. This will be the central location for all applications submitted no matter what position a person is applying to.

There were a few reasons that Student Employment decided to move the application process to the Careers module. First, this will allow the departments that are hiring to have access to view who applies for the positions in real-time. Student Employment will no longer have to forward applications to departments. This will assist in being more transparent and ensuring that each application is seen by the hiring department. The move to Careers will also allow for a paperless process.

The application process in Careers will also serve as continued preparation for students as they graduate from UMW and begin to apply for jobs. This will give them the experience of completing a job application and finding jobs that correlate to their skill set. In an effort to help students map their academic pursuits to jobs on campus, departments are able to customize their job requirements and the additional information they are asking applicants for—cover letters, references, licensures, etc.

The Office of Financial Aid has had two training sessions so far for Careers and another is planned for Thursday, January 25 in the Hurley Convergence Center Training Lab 130 from 2-3pm. We look forward to working together to make this a great transition!

Abuse of UMW email system

The following message is sent from the Office of the University’s Chief Information Officer.

UMW policy restricts the use of UMW email distribution lists. However, due to a configuration error, this restriction was not in effect last night. As a result, a list was used to disseminate spam and other inappropriate messages to some UMW students. This act is a potential violation of both UMW’s Network and Computer Use Policy and the student Code of Conduct. Policy further stipulates that University computer resources are to be used only for legitimate academic or administrative purposes.

The UMW IT Department is working to ensure appropriate restrictions have been restored. The University will also determine whether further action should be taken regarding students who willfully misused the system.