July 14, 2024

Nominations for Eagle’s Summit Open Through July 15

UMW announces the launch of the Eagle's Summit leadership program for employees.

UMW announces the launch of the Eagle’s Summit leadership program for employees.

UMW’s Continuing and Professional Studies, Human Resources and President’s Cabinet announce the launch of Eagle’s Summit, Advancing Supervisory Leadership at UMW. This program is the next phase of implementation of the Quality Enhancement Plan and Life After Mary Washington, and is the product of a cross-functional team representing multiple areas of UMW. QEP Co-Directors Jennifer Walker and Kimberly Young thank Teresa Segelken for chairing the Staff Development working group along with Sarah Appleby, Deborah Burton and Wes Hillyard, who were active working group members providing their insight, experience and expertise.

Eagle’s Summit is designed using the contemporary best practices of developing leaders, combining both leadership theory and practical application with cohort development to build a stronger university culture.

“We are writing the next chapter in leadership at UMW. Eagle’s Summit is an important part of developing our community and ensuring our supervisors are well prepared to support their teams,” said UMW President Troy Paino. “UMW is a great place to work, and investing in our leaders will enhance the experience.”

Eagle’s Summit integrates leadership best practices with the 10 core competencies that were established as part of our QEP. “By focusing on a common set of competencies between student career readiness and our own leadership development, we begin to create a common language and culture around career development that not only helps our students prepare for their lives after Mary Washington, but also supports our leaders in their careers at Mary Washington,” said Associate Provost of Career and Workforce Kimberly Young. “We envision an opportunity for our Eagle supervisors to use the competencies to support their teams and reflect on their own career journey. This will deepen our connection to the competencies, furthering the goals of Life After Mary Washington.”

“This program is another step toward weaving the core competencies of the QEP into the fabric of the UMW culture. Eagle’s Summit will provide further opportunity for supervisors to grow professionally and transform the concept of Life after Mary Washington while impacting their careers at Mary Washington,” said Provost Tim O’Donnell.

Eagle’s Summit is centered on the idea that leadership requires knowing yourself well, understanding your team and planning for the future. The program will also build connections across the UMW community, permeating unintentional silos and building our interdependence. “Contemporary leadership moves supervisors away from being task monitors to team empowerers. Good leadership is like growing a garden – it takes skill and the right ingredients to nurture, but will sustain a group when done well,” said Director of Continuing and Professional Studies Teresa Segelken. “Our region is rapidly growing, and it is vital that we invest in growing the capacity in our community. We have an opportunity to work together to build leadership skills in our supervisors to serve our larger community.”

The program will include dedicated classroom time to learn leadership best practices, a book discussion with members of the President’s Cabinet, mentoring and a capstone project.

Learn more about the requirements, and nominate participants using this form by July 15. Eagle’s Summit will kick off on August 15, 2024, and conclude in May 2025.