June 7, 2023

Asian Cultural Celebration

Asia is the world’s largest continent, occupied by roughly four billion people dispersed among 47 different countries. Within each country is a wealth of diverse cultures, traditions, and lifestyles influenced by uniquely different people. Yet, despite the 17 million square miles encompassing the land mass, from the vast icy expanses of Siberian Russia to the dense tropics of Indonesia, from the far western reaches of the Middle East to the rich traditions of the Far East, the unique heart of Asia unifies the distinctive worlds into one reflection.
This is the reflection of Asia, a continent beaming with historical tradition. The voices of long forgotten emperors still resound inside the ruins of the great Chinese dynasties, their precedents and ideals have long since been adopted and evolved into the fabric of thriving nations such as Korea and Japan. The rice fields of Southeast Asia lend heavy influence to eclectic cuisines from Thailand to the Philippines, and the majestic palaces in India still stand strong amidst threats of colonization and division.
Through all the triumph and tribulation, the people of Asia hold on to the values of humanity. Family and love stand as the strongest of them all. Like a spectrum of light, which encompasses every single color but is visible only as a luminous white, so is this great continent, where every single culture shines in all its glory and reflects a single, beautiful Asia.
The James Farmer Multicultural Center and Asian Student Association strive to teach and encourage tolerance and acceptance. Through this celebration, we seek to educate the UMW and Fredericksburg-area communities on the richness and many facets of Asian heritage and culture.
– James Farmer Multicultural Center and the Asian Student Association


Nov. 1
Asian Anonymous

7 p.m., Lee Hall, Room 411

Join UMW campus and community members as they discuss and explore the many triumphs and tribulations associated with being Asian on the campus of a predominantly white institution. Learn more about the various experiences our students, faculty, and staff face at UMW as well as within the greater community and how those experiences have influenced their views about acceptance and pride.

Nov. 3
Asian Cultural Week Keynote Performance
Boba Stories

7 p.m., Great Hall, Woodard Campus Center

Hereandnow theatre company is proud to bring home Boba Stories, a collaborative work featuring refreshing personal tales with lots of Asian flavor. Originally conceived in 2001, Boba Stories is a collection of vignettes incorporating storytelling, poetry, dance, video, and music. It has been touring universities and festival venues throughout the
United States since its inception.
Boba is a popular Asian drink made of tapioca balls mixed with anything iced, from coffee to tea to fruit juices. But beyond being a drink with a funky texture and a fun sound, it represents a special meaning to the creative team of hereandnow. “Boba actually takes a long time to make and each piece is unique,” says Artistic Director John Miyasaki, “and to have a boba drink that tastes good, you need to pay attention to it the entire time it’s being made.” The same goes for this show – each piece and person is unique and shaped by the paths of life. Please join us as we celebrate the uniqueness and life of Asian culture.

Nov. 5
Taste of

7 p.m., Great Hall, Woodard Campus Center
Cost: $3 general admission, $1 UMW student admission or one canned good item for donation

A celebration of Asian culture, Taste of
Asia is one of the more well-known events at the University of Mary Washington. Taste of Asia educates the community about the different aspects of Asian societies and the different cultures and lifestyles that they embody. Complete with a fashion show, dance performances, and a variety of ethnic foods, the event provides an inviting and festive atmosphere. The Asian Student Association works closely with other student organizations and local businesses to plan the much anticipated program. For advance ticket information, contact

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