March 3, 2024

Director of National Alumni Engagement Named

Torre Meringolo, Vice President for Advancement and University Relations, has announced a reorganization of Alumni Relations that is in line with feedback received at regional alumni events across the country and supportive of a key recommendation of the UMW Strategic Plan to “actively recruit alumni to participate in . . . the life of the University, and maintaining a strong, active relationship with the alumni as invested and on-going partners in the institution’s identity and future.”
The position of Director of National Alumni Engagement has been created following the model found in other leading universities and colleges. The primary purpose of this position will be to develop local alumni networks in regions of the country with large UMW alumni populations. Core groups of alumni volunteers will be identified in these areas in order to build a strong, national network. The impact of the initiative will be multiplied by this volunteer network as new opportunities for alumni engagement are identified in areas such as admissions, career services, and fund raising.
Cindy Snyder has agreed to serve as the University’s first Director of National Alumni Engagement. She brings to this position a deep appreciation and knowledge of the UMW alumni community. A national search will be commenced early in the new year for a new Director of Alumni Relations, and Cindy will remain in her current position until the search process is complete.
Additionally, in order to gain greater organizational efficiencies and support for the totality of alumni responsibilities, both positions will report to Ken Steen, Associate Vice President for Advancement.

About Brynn Boyer

Brynn Boyer is assistant director of media and public relations and a 2010 graduate of UMW.