June 22, 2024

Islamic Cultural Week 2011

“Stereotypical Islam: Dispelling the Myths, Labels, and Prejudices Surrounding Islamic Culture “

There is no poster child for Islam. It is a religion and culture that is constructed of a diverse community that cannot be defined by media images and the acts of extremists. In truth, Islam is a peaceful and open religion; one that is often typecast based on the false myths, labels, and prejudices created by various forms of media. The Islamic Student Association and James Farmer Multicultural Center aim to educate the members of the campus and greater community about the truths of Islamic culture and increase the acceptance levels of not only the members of the Islamic community, but all individuals who have suffered from intolerance.

Are you a Terrorist?

Film and Discussion • Monday, January 24
Lee Hall, Room 411; 5 p.m.
Please join the Islamic Student Association for the viewing of The Road to Guantanamo Bay. This film is a docudrama about “The Tipton Three,” three British men who were held in Guantanamo Bay by the United States government for two years. The film features interviews and archival footage to tell the story of possible abuse by the government in the name of fear. The film will be followed by a discussion about the actions that took place during the years these men were imprisoned and whether prejudices toward Islamic culture influenced these actions.

Muslims and Miniskirts: What you Don’t Know about Islamic Fashion

Fashion Show • Tuesday, January 25
Great Hall, Woodard Campus Center; 7 p.m.
Fashion in Islamic culture is certainly not confined to niqabs and kufis. It is just as diverse as the culture itself; filled with elements of self expression, wonderful colors, and a variety that ultimately dispels the stereotypical images media provide of the men and women of Islam. Members of the UMW community will model various fashions to highlight how different and actually modern the clothing and culture of Islam can be.

Henna Night

Wednesday, January 26
Great Hall, Woodard Campus Center; 5 p.m.
The art of Henna is often thought of as being a part of Islamic religion, but in fact it is part of its culture. The decorative body art has been in existence longer than Islam and is celebrated by individuals from around the world. Please join the Islamic Student Association as they address the history of Henna in combination with providing individuals the opportunity to express themselves utilizing this form of body art.

Islamic Cultural Banquet

Cultural Awareness Series Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Liyakat Takim
Thursday, January 27
Great Hall, Woodard Campus Center; 6 p.m.
The Islamic Cultural Banquet offers traditional foods, fellowship, and a keynote lecture from Dr. Liyakat Takim. Dr. Takim is the Sharjah Chair in Global Islam at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. He has written over 70 scholarly works on Islam in America, both pre- and post-9/11.

All events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.
For more information, contact James Farmer Multicultural Center, 540/654-1044,  Lee Hall, Room 211 | www.umw.edu/multicultural

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