May 24, 2024

CVC Campaign Extended Through January 31

There are still several ways to give.

A list of approved CVC charities may be found at or in a paper directory for 2011 Charities.

Methods of giving include:

  • Give online through EmployeeDirect (CREDIT CARD ONLY) through midnight, January 31.  To give now, Click on
  • Give by check, cash, credit card, or payroll deduction using a paper pledge card.  Your CVC agency coordinator has a supply of cards or print your own form by going to and selecting Pledge Card.  Complete and give to your CVC coordinator (mail to GW 307) or mail it directly to CVC/DHRM, 101 N. 14th Street, 12th Floor, Richmond  VA  23219.  The CVC team will ensure that it is processed quickly and your agency is credited with your gift.  If you missed your agency’s payroll cutoff for the first pay period of 2012, your total annual gift will be divided among the remaining pay periods.  Be sure to make a copy for your files and a copy for payroll if you are giving by payroll deductions.

For questions about the CVC Campaign visit

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