May 27, 2023

UMW Web Team Invited to Speak at ACCS Conference

On March 14, UMW’s Web team, Cathy Finn-Derecki and Curtiss Grymala, were invited to lead a discussion group on University Web Redesign Projects at the annual ACCS Conference (Association of College Computing Services). Representatives in attendance included web developers and designers from public colleges and universities throughout Virginia.

It was clear that the UMW web project was among the most ambitious attempted in recent history in the Commonwealth. The team discussed the strategic planning process, design and marketing, and, of course, WordPress. UMW continues to make a strong impression among colleague institutions with our innovative thinking regarding this ambitious redesign and migration. Work at UMW, and our contributions to the WordPress developer community, are helping to further WordPress’s viability as an enterprise content management system.

About Brynn Boyer

Brynn Boyer is assistant director of media and public relations and a 2010 graduate of UMW.