June 24, 2024

COB Celebrates Students

The UMW College of Business celebrated graduates and inducted several students into the National Omicron-Psi Honor Society Wednesday, May 9 at the Stafford Campus.

Dean of the College of Business, Lynne D. Richardson, presented outstanding graduate awards to four faculty-nominated students. To qualify, students had to have a minimum 3.8 GPA and have demonstrated leadership, enthusiasm, commitment, and professional potential.

College of Business Outstanding Graduates were honored May 9 at the UMW Stafford campus. Pictured from left to right are Brian A. Roinstad, MBA, Debrah A. Farnell, BPS, William N. Robinson Jr., MSMIS, and Kevin Powell, MBA/MSMIS.

Brian A. Roinestad was named the outstanding graduate in the MBA program.

“He always demonstrated considerable eagerness to learn, exceptional dedication to his learning objectives, and his always-positive attitude and behavior were worthy of emulation by his fellow students,” said his anonymous faculty nominator. Roinsetad completed his MBA in general management in the fall and also holds a B.A. in English from UMW.

The outstanding graduate in the MSMIS program went to William Nelson Robinson, Jr.

“He has both the intellectual ability and the tenacity to complete rigorous programs in academic or professional settings,” his nominator stated. Robinson completed his degree in general management in the fall.

Kevin Richard Powell received the dual MBA/MSMIS outstanding student award. His nominee described him as “a consummate critical thinker, and one of the most inherently fair and honest students that I’ve met in my teaching career.” Powell will graduate May 11.

Debrah Ann Farnell will receive her BPS in leadership and management May 12 and was presented the outstanding student award.

“The goal of the BPS program is to create caring, creative, and competent professionals. This student is the embodiment of those goals,” said her nominator.

Six UMW students were also inducted into the Omicron-Psi Honor Society. Omicron-Psi is an organization for high achieving and service oriented non-traditional students.

UMW students were inducted into the National Omicron-Psi Honor Society May 9. Pictured from left to right are William Nelson Robinson Jr., Carol A. Hostetter, Lisa Ann Peacock, Celina Cavalcante Falck-Cook, and Emmanuel Opoku Sarfo.

“If our lives are lived with honor, we know we have always done the best we honestly could,” said Brazilian-born Celina Cavalcante Falck-Cook, the first nominee presented for induction, who will graduate May 11 with a Master of Education degree.

Carol A. Hostetter plans to complete her M.Ed. in art education next spring. She was described as, “hard working, talented, creative, and kind,” through a recommendation letter for Omicron-Psi induction.

Lisa Ann Peacock “demonstrates high ethical standards in all aspects of her life,” according to her recommendation letter. Peacock will graduate May 11 with an MBA in public administration.

Emmanuel Opoku Sarfo will complete his Bachelor of Professional Studies this summer in accounting and plans to pursue an MBA. Originally from Ghana, Sarfo was said to “exude an enthusiasm and resilience which tend to be uncommon attributes in the stressful nature of the human services profession,” through a recommendation.

William Nelson Robinson, Jr. and Sarah Duffy, Teacher of the Year at Locust Grove Elementary School, also were inducted into Omicron-Psi.



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