June 7, 2023

Faculty Awarded External Grants

Since August, UMW faculty members have received more than $350,000 in external grant funding.

Patricia Reynolds, assistant professor in the College of Education, received $174,787.20 from the Virginia Department of Education to deliver graduate level courses in differentiated instruction across the curriculum for English language learners.  The grant provides tuition support for teachers who enroll in the courses, covers the costs of textbooks, and also covers all costs related to offering the classes at two off-campus locations (in Norfolk and Stafford County).  The award covers both the fall and spring semester offerings of the course in 2012-2013.  This is now nine times that UMW has received a grant from the VDOE to provide the differentiated instruction courses.

David Toth, assistant professor of computer science, has received two awards from XSEDE, an online distributed virtual organization. Toth is collaborating with faculty at Merrimack College on two separate projects: “Identifying Inhibitors that Prevent the Complexation of  HIV-1 Tat•P-TEFb thus Blocking HIV Replication” and “Identifying Inhibitors of the Fungal Virulence Factor Cbp1.”   The projected value of the computing time for the first project is $34,500, and the value for the second project is $114,278.

Norah Hooper, professor in the College of Education, received $30,858 from the Virginia Department of Education to develop a “Traineeship for Education of Special Education Personnel for Regions 3 and 4.”  This is the third such grant award for her.  The grant provides support for a minimum of 12 teachers who hold provisional licenses in Special Education: General Curriculum to complete all or part of the coursework and field experiences required for full licensure. Participants will receive tuition support and will be connected with fully licensed mentors in their schools. The mentors will receive stipends and training in effective mentoring techniques.

Lynn Lewis, professor of biology, is supervising her student Ryan Green’s research on “A Study of Chloroquine’s Antiretroviral Characteristics.”  The Virginia Academy of Science made a $500 award in support of this undergraduate research project.

For more information on external grant activity this semester, read the most recent issue of the provost’s newsletter.

About Brynn Boyer

Brynn Boyer is assistant director of media and public relations and a 2010 graduate of UMW.