February 25, 2024

Dave Toth and Theresa Grana Win Grant

Dave Toth
GrannaDave Toth (assistant professor of computer science) and Theresa Grana (assistant professor of biological sciences) have received a grant for 60,000 hours of compute time on the world’s 7th fastest computer for “Teaching Undergraduates to Use Supercomputing in the Sciences.”  Following a talk that Toth’s drug discovery research partners from Merrimack College will give on March 25 at UMW, Toth and Grana will use some of the compute time to teach the students in Grana’s Bioinformatics course (BIOL 471v) how to perform one phase of the drug discovery process using a supercomputer.  The remainder of the compute time from the grant will be used to educate other UMW science students about how to increase the pace of scientific discovery using a supercomputer.



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