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Business Services March eUpdate

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March 2013 Updates and Announcements

  • Procurement Services
    • March is Purchasing Month !
    • SPCC News
      • Annual Training deadline April 19
    • eVA News
      • NIGP eMall Alert
      • All Purchases (including local funds) shall follow proper purchasing procedure
    • Recycling Efforts with Surplus Property
  • Bookstore
    • Welcome!
      • Beau Stiles, Buyer
      • Janet West, Bookstore Office Manager
  • Copy Center
    • Print Study – Did You Know?

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March in National Purchasing month and has been officially recognized in Virginia by Governor Robert F. McDonnell. The official Purchasing Month Proclamation is posted on the VAGP website.

Within the first half of FY13, UMW Procurement Services has awarded 59 contracts of various types (Request for Proposals, Invitation for Bids, Quick Quotes, Reverse Auctions, etc) and have renewed numerous other university contracts; a sampling of awarded new contracts are included below:

Welding Services, Electrical Services, Executive Search Firm, Printing Services, Automatic Teller Machine, Controls Maintenance, Janitorial Services, Kitchen Equipment Maintenance, Consultants, Exclusive provider of athletic uniforms, Re-keying project, and more-

Documented Savings to UMW exceeds  $190,393.88



SPCC cardholders and reviewers are required by the Department of Accounts to complete training annually.  The training is now available and must be completed by April 19, 2013.

Please visit the Procurement Services website for more information: SPCC Annual Training



Some users have reported differences in the NIGP description selected on the non-catalog screen and the description that displays on the Checkout/Summary screen for the applicable line item.

Currently, the Checkout screen line item description will display the cross-referenced United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) description for the chosen NIGP description selected on the non-catalog screen.  If the UNSPSC description appears to be totally unrelated this will not harm your requisition or order because the selected NIGP was saved.  However eVA would still like to be alerted to these situations.   Please email these examples to eVA Customer Care ( and include your requisition number.



Procurement shall be carried out in an effective, economical, fair and impartial manner. All procurement, regardless of fund sources, shall be subject to the laws and regulation of the Virginia Public Procurement Act (VPPA), the Agency Procurement and Surplus Property Manual (APSPM), and University procedures.  8 funds follow a different path.

Reminder:  If there are any questions about initiating a purchase of goods or services, please contact Procurement Services at ext. 1127



For Fiscal Year FY13, to-date; the Central Storeroom Surplus Property office has recycled the following items:

  • 2992 lbs. of electronic components
  • 657 lbs.   of surplus steel
  • 924 lbs.   of recycled lamps (light bulbs)

563 desktop printer cartridges have been recycled.

Questions?   Contact David Hatcher


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Welcome to the latest additions to the Bookstore staff:

  • Beau Stiles, Buyer
  • Janet West, Bookstore Office Manager


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A few stats from the Print Study conducted by Pitney Bowes completed in Nov. 2012.

  • 230 different models from 14 different manufacturers
  • 435 non-networked devices
  • 85% of printers are 5+ years
  • Low average utilization
  • Many devices are nearing recommended end of life
  • function color device historically have low usage

More information will  be coming soon to expand training on networked multifunction devices.


Please contact Business Services for information and assistance at x1576.


Erma A. Baker   CPPO, VCO
Assistant Vice President for Business Services and CPO
University of Mary Washington
1301 College Avenue
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401

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