May 30, 2023

UPDATE: 2013 Pay Increases

To:          UMW Faculty and Staff

From:      The Offices of Human Resources and Payroll

Subject:  2013 Pay Increases

Date:       August 5, 2013

The Governor and General Assembly have approved pay increases for salaried employees, as described below. In addition, President Hurley has approved an increase for eligible wage employees.

Classified Employees

Uniform Increase

  • All employees in salaried positions as of April 24, 2013 and remaining employed on July 25, 2013 will receive a 2% salary increase, effective July 25, 2013, provided they have received a rating of  at least Contributor on their latest performance evaluation. The eligibility of most employees will be determined by performance evaluations that were conducted in the fall of 2012 for the last performance cycle (October 25, 2011 through October 24, 2012).

Salary Compression Adjustment

  • Classified employees who have completed five years of continuous state service as of July 25, 2013 (have state begin dates of July 25, 2008 or earlier, without a break in service), will receive a compression adjustment of $65 for each full year of service ($70 for each full year for sworn officers of the Department of State Police), up to a maximum of thirty years, provided that they meet the performance criteria as described above. The compression adjustment will be added to employees’ salaries after the 2% increase is applied.

Salary increases will be paid on August 16, 2013.


Teaching and Administrative and Professional Faculty

  • Teaching and A/P faculty are not included in the salary compression compensation adjustment. Instead, each will receive an additional 1% increase, for a total increase of 3% effective July 25, 2013, provided their performance is not unsatisfactory.
  • Salary increases will be paid on August 16, 2013.


Wage Employees

  • Wage employees hired on or before May 6, 2013 will receive a 2% increase effective pay period July 29 thru August 11.
  • Hourly increases will be paid on August 21, 2013.

You may contact Paula Wilder, Compensation Analyst, at with questions or visit the site below for more detailed information.