July 13, 2024

UMW Eco Rep Starts Petition to Expand VRE Service

Max Devilliers, a UMW senior and an Eco Rep in the UMW Sustainability Office, has written a petition to request Virginia’s commuter train, the VRE, to offer weekend and counter rush hour service. It is posted it to the website MoveOn and has already received 50 signatures.

Scarce parking, expensive parking lots, high gas prices, and congestion on Interstate 95 are multiple reasons to avoid driving and instead encourage us to take the train. Currently, however, the VRE does not offer weekend or offpeak train service.

Many faculty and staff could benefit from additional VRE train service, whether for commuting, going to meetings in D.C., or attending special events there.

If you would like to support this petition to VRE, you can sign it here.