June 23, 2024

UMW Staff Present at MABUG Conference

UMW Enterprise Applications Services (EAS) and UMW advancement staff attended and presented at the annual MABUG meeting in Virginia Beach hosted by Old Dominion University. The Mid-Atlantic Banner Users Group (MABUG) is an association of colleges and universities in Delaware, Maryland, the District of Columbia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Of the 10 attendees from UMW, seven made presentations during the conference. Sessions included: Oracle Security on a Shoestring with Jim Rawlings, Data Base Administrator; Single Sign-on Manager for Banner with Jill Ellington, Applications Developer and Jim Rawlings, Data Base Administrator; Banner Security Life Cycle with John Symonds, Applications Data Base Administrator; Setting up Banner Mobile Applications with Shannon Swanson, IT Analyst/Developer, and The Best of:  Advancement’s Reporting Services, Ben Kjar, Associate Director, Linda Lovin, SQL Server Data Base Administrator, and Jane Cariker, Director of Advancement IT Services. Also attending were: Linda Thornton, Associate Director, Business Process Analysis; Tom Cummings, Sr. Systems Analyst; and April Peterson, Applications Developer.

The topics encompassed all of the functional areas within a university using Banner.  There were a total of 84 presentations given across the spectrum from admissions to technical.  In attendance were 395 participants, representing 55 participating institutions, and 27 major vendors.

Participants remarked on the relevancy and the quality of UMW presentations. Conference organizers noted that UMW was third among all 55 attending organizations in number of presentations, preceded by Ellucian (Banner software vendor) and ODU (the host institution).