July 20, 2024

Scholarship Opportunity for Fall 2014 New Students

University of Mary Washington announces a new scholarship program for incoming freshmen for fall 2014. On the basis of a combination of SAT/ACT scores, high school GPA, and residency, students who qualify will receive a Presidential Award at the time of admission to the university. Virginia students may qualify for up to $3,000, while out of state awards range up to $8,000. UMW administrators gathered recently to review the ERMS product available from Noel-Levitz that will be used to formulate the awards and positively impact enrollment. According to Carol Descak, Interim Associate Provost of Admissions and Financial Aid, “this new program will inform students of their merit award simultaneously with their offer of admission, and the process for identifying recipients is consistent and objective.” Another added feature to the financial aid process is a “True Cost Calculator” that will be available on the UMW website shortly. Families can use this tool to calculate their out of pocket cost minus all anticipated merit and need-based financial aid – their true cost. Previously, the Cost Calculator provided need-based aid only. This is a huge step forward for the University, and we are thankful for the support of the Administration in making this possible.