June 5, 2023

UMW Faculty and Staff Receive PTAC Grants

The University of Mary Washington President’s Technology Advisory Council, PTAC, recently awarded 10 PTAC Innovation Fund Grants to UMW faculty and staff members.

PTAC Innovation Fund Grants, which can range from $500 to $25,000, are intended to help jump-start innovative uses of technology in learning, teaching and exploration at UMW. This year’s grant recipients were:

  • “3-D Pedagogy through LEGOs,” by Andrea Smith, assistant professor of historic preservation;
  • “Bridging Boundaries: Innovative Film and Video across Disciplines,” by Jean Ann Dabb, professor of art and art history;
  • “Digital Gallery Exhibit Development,” by Rosemary Arneson, university librarian, and Carolyn Parsons, special collections librarian;
  • “Digital Voice Recorders for Sociolinguistics,” by Janie Lee, assistant professor of English, linguistics and communication;
  • “Educational Technology and Curriculum Support Collection,” by Paul Boger, Stafford library manager, Danielle Willgruber, library assistant, Elizabeth Heitsch, reference librarian and Nicole St. John, library assistant;
  • “Hearing their Stories,” by Janine Davis, assistant professor in the College of Education;
  • “Integrating Embedded Devices,” by David Toth, assistant professor of computer science, Ian Finlayson, assistant professor of computer science and Ronald Zacharski, associate professor of computer science;
  • “Providing STEM Learning Activities for Children with Disabilities,” by Nicole Myers, associate professor in the College of Education;
  • “Representation, Presentation, Documentation,” by Gary Stanton, associate professor of historic preservation, and Michael Spencer, assistant professor of historic preservation;
  • “Simulated Environments to Train Teacher Candidates,” by Roberta Gentry, assistant professor in the College of education.

The President’s Technology Advisory Council is a presidentially appointed committee of faculty, students and staff established in 2012 as a recommendation within the University Strategic Plan.

PTAC advises the president on technology issues, provides input on the purchasing of digital systems, and fosters and enables academic technologies and libraries at UMW. For more information visit http://president.umw.edu/ptac/grant/.