September 27, 2023

Sustainability Tip of the Week

After what can only be described as a brutal, brutal winter, it’s nice to finally find ourselves walking into work on warm sunny mornings. With this lovely change of weather comes an opportunity to practice some sustainability at work. Namely—packing your lunch for work. How does packing your lunch help with sustainability? Well, I’m glad you asked so I will tell you.

By opting to bring your lunch from home as opposed to going out to buy something each day, you’ll cut down on the garbage that is generated from take-out containers, napkins, plastic cups, plastic spoons, plastic forks, the infamous plastic “sporks”—you name it. You’ll also reduce the amount of exhaust fumes that are generated from taking your car out for those short two mile drives back and forth to nearby restaurants and fast food places. Not only is driving short distances bad for the environment, it is also bad for your car. You’ll also be practicing economic sustainability as packing your lunch from home will almost always cost you less money than it does to buy your lunch from a restaurant. Moreover, you’ll have quality control over the ingredients that you use to prepare your lunch. Spring is a great time of year to prepare healthy, vibrant meals and snacks from fresh ingredients–spicy southwestern salsa and chips, roasted garlic hummus with pita bread, fresh fruit salad—the delicious possibilities are endless. With the time you’ll save from traveling off campus each afternoon, you’ll gain the opportunity to go for a walk, read a book, or talk with co-workers or students. Reduce waste, reduce pollution, save money, boost your health, cultivate new, meaningful, personal connections with people – all from bringing your lunch to work! Plus, it’s a great opportunity to pull out your He-Man or Strawberry Short Cake Lunchbox from the attic. And if you’re going to make a commitment to bring your lunch to work, remember to use reusable containers and cutlery, as well as a thermos or reusable water bottle.

The President’s Council on Sustainability plays a critical role in shaping administrative goals and objectives relating to campus sustainability, and reports regularly to the President’s Cabinet outlining recommendations and the university’s progress in areas of sustainability. Tuesday, April 22 is Earth Day and the PCS will be presenting a panel from 4 to 5 p.m. in Lee Hall 411, before moving to the Lee Hall Terrace from 5 to 6 p.m. Please stop by to learn more about the PCS and sustainability on campus as well as in your everyday lives.