July 23, 2024

Amanda Rutstein Named Excellent Eagle Employee


Amanda Rutstein

Congratulations to Amanda Rutstein, coordinator at the Fredericksburg Writing Center  and adjunct English instructor, who has been selected as the Excellent Eagle Employee for the month of May. A parking spot of her choosing has been reserved for her through the end of the month.

Here is what a coworker said about her:

“Amanda has been working at UMW for almost three years now. She is a graduate of UMW and went on to UNC Greensboro for her MFA. She loved the university so much, she wanted to come back and contribute to the atmosphere of dedication and hard work UMW is known for.

Amanda now works as the Coordinator for the Writing Center on the Fredericksburg campus. Amanda manages all the tutors’ work schedules, time sheets, scheduling student appointments, records for the visits the Writing Center has, planning events, and so forth. This is merely her required activities. Amanda goes above and beyond her job description every day. She arrives early almost every day to ensure that everything is set up for the busy day ahead. She also volunteers to assist the tutors with their own writing, and many students come by just to have her read their poetry and provide feedback. Moreover, Amanda goes out of her way to be kind and accommodating to all she encounters during the day. For instance, she always remembers what is going on in peoples’ lives and asks them how a particular event went or how a paper turned out.

To beat it all, Amanda is a funny and genuine person. She is always making us laugh with her quick wit and humor. She always makes the day fly by. No matter how busy or frustrating a day may get, we all can count on Amanda to make us laugh hysterically. We are constantly afraid we will lose her to a job at some great, funny online website or blog such as Jezebel. With any luck, she will remain with us for many years to come as she makes certain the writing center is running well all the while making it look easy. She EVEN makes me look organized–a feet unto itself!

Amanda genuinely cares about the university and wants to see it maintain the spark that first captured her heart when she was in high school looking for her perfect university. Every day, she gives the university all she has to ensure students currently enrolled have the wonderful experience she had. Amanda truly exemplifies what it means to be a an excellent eagle employee.”

To nominate someone who you believe is an Excellent Eagle Employee, send an email to Priscilla Sullivan (psulliva@umw.edu) with Excellent Eagle Employee in the subject line.  In your email, be sure to list the person’s name, department, job title, work location (with the most convenient parking lot), and of course, the reason why you believe they should be recognized. Please spread the word to other employees about this wonderful opportunity to recognize a co-worker(s).

You may now go to the Staff Advisory Council’s site and click on the Excellent Eagle tab to make a nomination:  http://sac.umwblogs.org/excellent-eagle/.