June 24, 2024

Minor Style Change Launched on the Website

On Monday, July 21, the web team launched the first of many upcoming theme changes to the .edu site designed to better align the website with the approved visual branding for the University.

An updated set of color palettes was rolled out sitewide. For the most part, the different palettes just affect the flag widgets. Other changes include changing the background color of the whole site, changing the margins between many of the sidebar features, and the removal of backgrounds, watermarks, and rounded edges on widgets.

Following is a map of the color schemes available through our Genesis -> Theme Settings area, and how they map to the palettes in the style guide:

  • University – Undergraduate Admissions palette
  • Admissions BLS – Graduate Admissions palette
  • Admissions Grad – Graduate Admissions palette
  • Admissions Undergrad – Undergraduate Admissions palette
  • College of Arts & Sciences – Undergraduate Admissions palette
  • College of Business – Graduate Admissions palette
  • College of Education – Graduate Admissions palette
  • Regional Engagement – Alumni palette
  • Giving network (regardless of “Color Scheme” selection) – Donor palette
  • Magazine network (regardless of “Color Scheme” selection) – Alumni palette

If you have any questions about this, or any other web initiatives, please email webmaster@umw.edu.