October 4, 2023

Fire Safety News

September is Campus Fire Safety Month for the commonwealth of Virginia. The UMW Office of Emergency Management and Safety will participate in this month long awareness campaign with events to educate the community about fire safety.

“It is important that we continue the fire safety education that begins in primary and secondary school systems and we continue to make more fire safe adults,” said Briant K. Atkins, campus fire safety officer. “Primary causes of fires on college campuses according to The United States Fire Administration are cooking, smoking and arson.”

For more information, visit adminfinance.umw.edu/safety/fire-safety.

Hewlett Packard Power Cord Recall

Hewlett Packard has recalled more than 6 million Notebook Computer AC Power Cords due to fire and burn hazards.

Hewlett-Packard Recalls Notebook Computer AC Power Cords Due to Fire and Burn Hazards