June 24, 2024

University Gift Acceptance Policy

Vendors sometimes seek to express their appreciation for the University’s business by offering gifts, food, meals and invitations to parties. This can especially be true during the holiday season. The University’s Policy states that such offers are inappropriate and consequently are not accepted by the Procurement Services Department staff. We strongly encourage all UMW faculty and staff to abide by this policy.

The University is a member of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) and endorses and supports its Code of Ethics. In keeping with that Code and the Laws of the Commonwealth, and in the spirit of a professional public entity, the employees of the University cannot accept gifts of any kind from vendors. The University, as an Agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and its employees are subject to the Virginia Comprehensive Conflict of Interests Act as well as the Virginia Public Procurement Act.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and support of this policy. Vendors can best convey their appreciation by continuing to promptly provide high-quality goods and excellent, reliable services at the best possible prices.

Erma A. Baker
Assistant VP for Business Services & CPO