May 20, 2024

Phase 1 MyTime Goes Live Jan. 12

MyTime goes live on Jan. 12 for wage and student employees along with their respective supervisors (Phase 1 of MyTime).  MyTime will be accessible from the UMW homepage toolbar.  Please make sure to use the toolbar link as the link that is provided in training is to our TEST environment. Reminder that login credentials are your Net ID and password.  Paper timesheets for wage and student employees will not be accepted after the Jan. 11 pay period end date. Please turn in all timesheets no later than noon on Jan. 12.

MyTime reminders:

  • Additional training sessions for wage and student employees and their supervisors have been established – register here if you have not already attended – evening classes are included.
  • Supervisors may need to edit their employees’ MyTime timecards for those unable to access MyTime.
  • Employees using the time clocks use their EagleOne card.
  • Computers must be updated with Java 7 – all lab computers have been updated to support MyTime.
  • Direct any issues with MyTime to the UMW Help Desk.
  • Updated training materials will be posted to the Payroll website, including new features not available at training.
  • Email reminders about time card approvals will be sent from MyTime to your UMW email.
  • Reminder for student employees – they must have a completed work authorization letter from the Office of Financial Aid before working.
  • Paper biweekly timesheets are no longer accepted after the Dec. 29 to Jan. 11 pay period.
  • Students were paid early on Dec. 31 instead of Jan. 16 for all work completed through Dec. 12 – their next pay date is Feb. 6, 2015.
  • Student supervisors, please be alert to email notices from the Office of Financial Aid.

Please contact Allyson Moerman with any questions.