October 2, 2023

New Campus-Wide Email Signature Standards

From Torre Meringolo, Vice President for Advancement and University Relations:

In keeping with higher education best practices, the UMW Visual Identity Standards Committee has conducted extensive research and has unanimously approved a campus-wide email signature standard. It is now a part of the University’s Brand Standards & Visual Identity Toolkit (www.umw.edu/documents/document/umw-brand-standards).

Page 30 of the toolkit outlines the details: UMW Email Standards

As one of the most frequently used forms of communication, email messages are an official reflection of the University. Because of the wide variety of formats used by faculty and staff, UMW has adopted a standardized signature format to help reinforce the University’s brand identity, as well as convey important contact information. We have also taken into account federal accessibility regulations.

My signature below reflects the new standard. You will see there are some options, such as adding physical addresses and social media links, if you need them.

Thanks, and let me know if you have questions about the committee’s decision.

Torre Meringolo
Vice President for Advancement and University Relations