June 18, 2024

Solving Crimes with Linguistics, April 7

On Tuesday, April 7th, the Christina Kakava Linguistics Speaker Series is presenting Dr. Carole E. Chaski, Executive Director of the Institute for Linguistic Evidence.  A pioneer in forensic computational linguistics, Dr. Chaski will speak on “Solving Crimes with Linguistics:”

* Forensic computational linguistics for author identification

* Classification of threat letters, suicide notes, predatory chats and more

* Linguistic profiling of suspects and victims in crimes from homicide to kidnapping to terroristic threatening

We welcome you and your students to this lecture on forensic linguistics.  Please free to print out the flyer for “Solving Crimes with Linguistics” — and yes, a reception with dessert refreshments will follow the talk.

Carole E. Chaski, PhD, is Executive Director of the Institute for Linguistic Evidence, the first non-profit research organization devoted to research and development in linguistic evidence, and CEO of ALIAS Technology LLC.  Pioneering the field of forensic computational linguistics, Chaski develops linguistics for author identification and classification of such texts as threat letters, suicide notes, and predatory chats.  Chaski’s computerized methods are used in the U.S., Korea, China, Pakistan, and Australia.

Dr. Chaski has taught linguistics and forensic linguistics to students and practitioners of linguistics, law, law enforcement, and security. “Who’s at the Keyboard? Authorship Attribution in Digital Evidence Investigations” (2005) is among her publications that address a wide range of audiences. Dr. Chaski has presented her ground-breaking research at universities and numerous conferences, including the Linguistic Society of America, American Academy of Forensic Science, IEEE Homeland Security, and TALE: The Association for Linguistic Evidence, as well as international conferences.  She has worked in criminal investigations of homicide, suicide, kidnapping, rape, child abuse, intellectual property theft, and terroristic threatening.

With Dr. Chaski’s strong background in the liberal arts and sciences (B.A. in Greek and English, M.Ed. in Psychology of Reading, and Ph.D. in Linguistics), the Department of English, Linguistics, and Communication is especially glad to welcome you to the Christina Kakava Linguistics Speaker Series lecture on “Solving Crimes with Linguistics” this year.