July 23, 2024

Students Raise Money for Memorial Endowment


The University of Mary Washington community recently came together to raise more than $30,000 to create an endowment in honor of Robert Ericson, a student who passed away in 2014.

“This [endowment] serves the purpose of helping a student who loves to study what Bob studied, but it also acts as an eternal memorial in his name at UMW,” states the donation website. “With the advent of this [endowment], Bob’s name, and everything that he stood for as an upstanding role model in the community, [will] be remembered forever.”

The endowment, which was started by The One Note Stand, a student a cappella group at UMW, and Bob’s parents, will be distributed beginning in the 2016-2017 academic year. Details are still being developed.

“We felt that he deserved this type of memorial at UMW. We knew that people cared enough to make it happen, too,” said student and The One Note Stand member Ian Spangler. “It seemed logical and right that his legacy as a compassionate, genuine man would continue for years to come, especially since it would come in the form of money for future students.”

Ericson was a member of The One Note Stand, captain of the Crew Team and an active member of the Student Government Association.

“Each person within One Note contributed a great amount of time and care, and it never would have happened without their constant dedication,” said Spangler. “It was also largely a community effort. Organizations and individuals across campus were eager to support the cause, and once the memorial fund picked up some momentum, the donations simply soared in; Crew, UMW Performing Arts Club, Association of Residence Halls, Class Council, Student Senate, and many more contributed.”

The memorial fund is still accepting donations on a rolling basis. To donate or find out more about Bob’s story, visit the Robert Ericson Memorial Fund website.