June 4, 2023

2015 #UMW Social Awards

Congratulations to our 2015 #UMWSocial Award winners!

The following awards recognize some of UMW’s leading social media accounts, people and campaigns for the 2014-15 academic year:

The “Best Of” Awards
Who’s the best at UMW? The “Best Of” Awards recognize the best UMW accounts across social media platforms. This year, students, faculty and staff at UMW voted on the best UMW accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

Best Facebook Account: College of Business
Honorable Mention: UMW Theatre

Best Twitter Account: Athletics
Honorable Mention: James Monroe Museum and Gari Melchers Home & Studio

Best Instagram Account: Center for International Education
Honorable Mention: Student Activities & Engagement

Best Pinterest Account: Gari Melchers Home & Studio
Honorable Mention: Academic and Career Services and Student Activities & Engagement

Best YouTube Account: The One Note Stand at UMW


Social Media Maven Award
Presented by University Relations, the Social Media Maven award was created to recognize the person who has been the most influential and collaborative with UMW’s social media community.

The inaugural Social Media Maven award was presented to Anand Rao, who has taught UMW’s social media class for three years.  Through his class, Anand created a student-run Instagram account called Inside UMW that gives an authentic and student-oriented view of the university. He consistently has his class contribute to social projects at UMW, including running social campaigns for the Multicultural Fair for the past two years, and will be partnering with University Relations to have his students contribute social content from campus events. Overall, Anand has continued to bring faculty, staff and students together for collaborative social projects that show the best of UMW.

Best Social Media Campaign Award
Presented by University Relations, the Best Social Media Campaign award recognizes the campaign that was the most dynamic and engaging within UMW’s social media community.

The inaugural Best Social Media Campaign Award was presented to the Student Government Association for the #MyMaryWash campaign.  Since its initiation, #MyMaryWash has become an established hashtag commonly used by students, staff and faculty. The campaign highlights the best of our UMW community and has been used to share college memories with alumni, show incoming students the strength of our community, and highlight those things that make our university unique.