June 22, 2024

Get Paid for Losing Weight

University of Mary Washington is privileged to have a Weight Watchers at Work program. This means that Weight Watchers sends a leader and all its materials and products to campus once a week. Not only does the WW@Work program offer more convenience and more benefits than regular Weight Watchers, the Commonwealth provides incentive pay to full-time employees for up to half the cost of the program. (So, not quite the same as getting paid, but you get to participate in one of the top weight loss programs at a bargain price!)

Join us! We meet each Thursday from 12:15 to 12:45 in Room 111 at the ITCC. All weigh-in information is strictly confidential and no judgment is ever passed. With a wide variety of folks – faculty and staff – from all sectors of the university, we have LOADS of fun and laughter. The camaraderie is a bonus – need help with your department budget, want some media attention for your program, or interested in some landscaping? You’d be surprised and delighted by the people you meet and network with at WW@Work.

Please seriously consider taking advantage of this wonderful benefit. If participation wanes, we can no longer continue the program. As this semester begins, resolve to be fit – we promote a healthy lifestyle, not a diet.