May 18, 2024

Message from CVC

Consider reporting your donations made to a CVC listed charity between Jan. 1 2015 and Dec. 31 2015 to CVC via the Direct Giving Tool online! *

Direct Giving occurs when a donation is given to directly to a CVC listed charity and is NOT processed through any CVC channel.

Direct Giving can actually come in many forms.

Examples would be:

  • Donations of clothing, musical instruments, food, vehicles, appliances, property or toys directly to the charity
  • Direct monetary donations directly submitted to the charity
  • Memberships to clubs or museums (YMCA, Art or Science Museums, etc.)
  • Purchase of a charitable item (Girl Scout cookies, commemorative wristbands/items, etc.)
  • Participation in a charity run, spaghetti meal or pancake breakfast, where money was given for a ticket or entry, etc.  (FYI – NEW THIS YEAR – For the Richmond Marathon, Monument Avenue 10k, Conquer the Cobbles and other events across the state that are run by the SportsBackers – use CVC Code 8406)

At this link:, fill out the basic information required so we can . . .

  • document that the right CVC Charity has received a gift
  • credit your Agency/University/College/Organization
  • circle back if we have questions or there is an error
  • collect what we require for an audit

Have ready a picture or scan or screen print or the file of your receipt or ticket ON YOUR COMPUTER OR PHONE, and the CVC Code and Name of the charity you donated to, which can be found here:

For those wishing to maintain some anonymity, we would suggest you have your CVC Coordinator submit your Direct Giving under their information.

And it’s that simple! You’ll receive a confirmation of the information you provided via email, and your CVC coordinator will receive an updated totals report (not individual names or amounts) with an overall progress report that is sent out periodically through the campaign.

This portal will be open year-round. The cut off date and time to count towards the current giving year, 2015, will be Jan. 1, 2016 at midnight.

~CVC Staff