May 30, 2023

Ultimate Subaru Spotlight: Men’s Golf Faculty Liaison Joe Romero

Ultimate Subaru Spotlight; Get to Know Men’s Golf Faculty Liaison Joe Romero

Each month, a UMW Athletics Faculty Liaison will be featured in the Ultimate Subaru Spotlight. The faculty liaison program partners a UMW faculty member with every UMW intercollegiate athletic team to strengthen support networks and increase resources for student-athlete success. Ultimate Subaru is committed to the growth and education of UMW Eagles, their hometown team and strives to foster the same values of community as the UMW Faculty Liaison program. Faculty Liaisons will serve as mentors and role models to student-athletes while being involved in team activities. For more information about the program contact Faculty Athletic Representative, Dr. Lynne Richardson.

Men's Golf will be UMW's newest NCAA Division III sport team starting this Fall 2016.

Men’s Golf will be UMW’s newest NCAA Division III sport team starting this Fall 2016.

Faculty Liaison’s Name: Joseph M. Romero

Sport: Men’s Varsity Golf

Years at UMW: 15

Position/Title: Professor of Classics

What was your favorite sport growing up? Briefly describe your favorite memory playing or watching it. I had favorite sports according to the season: in fall football, winter basketball, spring soccer, summer baseball. Golf I didn’t take up until high school.

Where is your favorite place around town to get a bite to eat? The Sunken Well

If you could pick one super power to have, what would it be and why? I like attainable superpowers, so I wish I could complete the ultimately ultra-marathon by running continuously from Athens to Sparta!

Other than the sport you partnered with, what is your next favorite sport and why? Soccer, because my son loves it and I love watching him play it (goal keeper).

If you were a Head Coach and could pick three words to motivate your team and hang in their locker room which words would you choose? Chances are they would be in Greek: arête means courage and excellence (you’ll need these), nike means victory (you want this), and eris means strife (you can’t avoid this).

What does a great leader look like to you? The emperor Augustus, because he became heir to the Roman Empire at age 19 and had to figure out a way to improvise, stay alive, and become the kind of person someone would want to follow. But not only did he achieve and retain power (for 45 years!), he did so through what was almost universally acknowledged as good government.

What is a must read for UMW Student-Athletes? Homer’s Iliad

What is the best advice you have ever heard given to a college graduate? Dream big, but then formulate a rational plan for how to achieve it. And if/when it fails, keep at it!

Finally, if you were hanging out on Ball Circle picking the brains of four professional/famous athletes (living or deceased), who would they be? Ben Hogan (golf), Vince Lombardi (football), Bill Bradley (basketball), Ann Trason (ultramarathon)

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