May 29, 2023

Course Material Adoptions for Summer and Fall 2016

Departments with 100 percent on-time fall adoptions will share $2,000 in student scholarship funds.

Course materials for classes being taught on the Stafford Campus are facilitated through MBS Direct. There are three points of contact to assist with submitting your Stafford campus orders:

College of Business: Lucy Quann, or 540/654-1019
College of Education: Terry Luttrell, or 540/286-8097
Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Melissa Hall or 540/286-8084
Summer adoption due date: March 18, 2016;
Fall adoption due date: April 10, 2016

Enter textbook adoptions here:

Orders will be consolidated into a minimal number of purchase orders after the adoption due date. Out-of-stock, out-of-print and back-ordered titles are most difficult to track when orders are placed after the due date. Costs to students and the University increase when orders are placed after the due date.

The adoption form will be delivered to the textbook department, and a confirmation of receipt email will be sent to you.

Course Packs:
Course packs are compiled articles, notes, labs or general information, and are often a less expensive means of content delivery when using articles from numerous sources. The UMW Bookstore will seek copyright permission for such articles and submit those and/or original works to the Copy Center for production.
Course Packs:
– Should be listed on course material adoption forms when being used
– Should be prepared on and submitted via the Course Pack Request Form;
– Have the same adoption due dates as other course materials
– Are processed in the order in which they are received
– Please note that copyright permission can take days, weeks or months.

For additional information, or to access the Course Pack Request Form, please visit our Faculty Page. Please contact the store if you have questions.

Price Comparison Tool:
Students now have the ability to comparison shop directly from the University Bookstore’s website during peak sales periods.

For Rent:
The UMW Bookstore is pleased to announce a textbook rental option for our students. Students can visit to take advantage of this time- and money-saving offer. Students should consider the total cost of ownership prior to renting a textbook. The purchase of a used book that is later sold at the UMW Textbook Buyback often yields the lowest total cost. On-time adoptions are critical to a buyback that maximizes returns to students.

Here for you:
The University Bookstore is here for you and your students. We are committed to ensuring that the adoption process is as seamless as possible, finding the best prices and options for students and providing the best service to our community.

Please do not hesitate to contact the textbook department if you have questions or need assistance at or email our Textbook Department staff directly:
DJ Garcia: or 540-654-1649
Francis SanPietro: or 540-654-1653