June 4, 2023

Save Energy for Earth Day!

Perhaps you’ve noticed one in the communal office kitchen.  Maybe you’ve noticed one in the copy room.  Have you noticed one in a classroom where you teach?

Wherever you may be on campus, there will always be an opportunity to make an effort to save energy and reduce waste.  The President’s Council on Sustainability (PCS), with the approval of the Vice President for Administration & Finance as well as the Director of Safety and Police Chief Hall, had Save Energy! Turn Off Lights After Use stickers created in a concerted effort to decrease the amount of wasted energy on campus when lights are kept on in unoccupied areas.

Feedback has been very positive from different areas on campus regarding the Save Energy stickers; of the 1,000 stickers created, there are now about 200 left. They serve as a good reminder to turn off lights when they’re not in use–especially since Earth Day is Friday, April 22.

If there are staff or faculty who would like another sticker, contact Kevin Caffrey (kcaffrey@umw.edu).  As a campus community committed to creating a sustainable future, we must all do our part to save energy and reduce waste.