June 13, 2024

Blue Without You

Dear UMW Students,

While you’re away this summer, we’re sitting here on this quiet campus, remembering the times we’ve shared.

You come to us to capture memories and make new friends. We support you along the way, whether you’re celebrating a victory or having a tough day.

Scenes from UMW campus, Thursday, September 18, 2014. (Photo by Norm Shafer). Spring picture

You kick back on our wooden slats to do research and write papers – or just take a break between classes. We stand sturdy as you fret over pop quizzes and projects, tackle rigorous academics and spend hours buried in books.

Bench 1 Spring features at UMW, Friday April15, 2016. (Photo by Norm Shafer).

You bring your families to our seats (and sometimes even your pets), taking time to reunite and share your life on campus. We hold you warmly during the emotional moments, like when you said goodbye to your parents that first year.

Bench 5 Bench 6

You come and go, but one thing never changes – it’s always better when you’re here. Because you’re part of our Mary Washington story, just like we’re part of yours.

UMW Archives, 1990-99 UMW Archives, 1990-02

We’re listening as the Bell Tower announces the passing hours, its notes echoing across campus. Only 42 days and 15 hours until you’re back. But who’s counting?

Holding a seat for you,

The UMW Benches