October 4, 2023

Final Week for FitBit Challenge!

The FitBit Challenge is in its final week, and Susan Lafayette was the winner again this week – that’s two weeks in a row! Way to go, Susan!  She is now the proud owner of two new water bottles from the UMW bookstore, provided by the Staff Advisory Council.

Human Resources, in conjunction with the Staff Advisory Council, is offering a FitBit Challenge to all employees.  The challenge will run until Aug. 20.  For more details visit our page: http://adminfinance.umw.edu/hr/employee-relations/worklife/summer-2016-activity-tracker/

The Office of Events and Human Resources have challenged each other to see which department can exercise the most. We encourage you to find a co-worker or another department and have a little friendly competition with each other! Any questions? Contact Jennifer Cooper at jcooper4@umw.edu