September 29, 2023

Students Plant Trees with Guatemalan Students

This past spring break, 16 UMW students traveled to Guatemala to learn about agroecology and community development. Students spent several days with elementary school children from two different villages who came to participate in Community Cloud Forest Conservation’s Kids & Birds program. They planted trees with the children, looked for and identified migratory birds, and located tadpoles and other aquatic creatures in the Mestila River.

In addition, all students learned about improving agricultural practices, included the composting of humanure, planting traditional Q’eqchi’ Maya crops that are highly nutritious, and several soil conservation techniques.

While in Guatemala, UMW students took photographs and video for three film projects (Kids & Birds, Reforestation, and the Agroecology Center) that they will complete in the next few weeks. The purpose of the videos is to raise awareness and raise funds for the work being done by Community Cloud Forest Conservation.