June 7, 2023

Bicycle Round-up Begins on Campus

Next week after the end of summer session 2017, there will be a campaign that will affect all bicycles on campus.

There are three goals of this campaign. They are as follows:

  • Improve the UMW campus visual appearance by the removing of all abandoned and/or trashed bikes.
  • Reduce the opportunity for the larceny of bikes from the UMW campus.
  • Support and strengthen the UMW policy that all bicycles on campus must be registered with UMW Police Department.

To support these goals, the following will be accomplished after the end of the summer session:

  • All non-registered bicycles on campus will be removed and placed in Police Storage.  If the bicycle is not claimed and registered within 90 days, it will be turned over to Central Stores for disposal in accordance with state regulations.
  • All bicycles registered with UMW Police Department, but not secured with a lock, will be placed in Police Storage.  Attempts to contact the registered owners will be made via email and/or phone.
  • The owners of all bicycles registered with UMW Police Department and secured with a lock will be contacted via email. The owners will be asked to select if the bike will be used in the fall semester, removed from campus within 90 days, or is available to be donated to charity.

If you have a registered bicycle you will be using on campus between the end of the summer session and the start of the fall semester, please come to UMW Police Department at Brent House. An identifying marker will be provided that can be placed on your bicycle. If you cannot come to Brent House, please contact Sgt. Gagliardi at jgagliar@umw.edu. With your name and bicycle location, a marker will be placed on your secured and registered bike for you.

If you have any questions about the bicycle roundup or bike registration, please contact Sgt. Gagliardi. Stay tuned for more services provided to improve your UMW life and bicycle security on campus.